For those who wish to explore.

Hypnotherapeutic trances are used to direct you to the core of any issue you wish to present.  Practitioners can tap into an infinite number of healing techniques and resources to assist you to release those energies that are no longer serving you.  You remain fully aware of what’s happening. Remember that this is therapy and your subconscious mind, and your soul, knows you will be held safely so you can do whatever work is needed, which may feel a bit uncomfortable.

For those who wish to evolve, transform or become more yourself.

Once the route cause or the source of an issue has been identified, the practitioner spends some time validating whether that was the initial sensitising event, situation or circumstance that created the belief that now informs the behaviour or supports the stuck energy. You are then guided to a point of realisation, (normally shown a different perspective of what actually happened), which destabilises the energetic foundation that was supporting the belief.

Releasing the old energy now makes space for new energy and new understandings or realisations and more supportive beliefs.  You are directed to make new realisations.  The old energy is stripped from your timeline and a new state is permeated throughout your energetic timeline and directed to every aspect of the being that needs the healing.

Meditation and relaxation before your session can assist your ability to relax deeply and let go during the session.  Try to remain open minded and let us know if there are any concerns, doubts and fears that you may have regarding the session. There is nothing to worry about as you are always in control and can return to full waking consciousness whenever you choose.

How to Prepare for Hypno Session


My Practice of Hypnoenergetics combined with my own personal sessions of hypnotherapy, has helped me to unravel, what I now realise to be, such a pithy term: “trauma”.   I now realise that this word can be so inadequate in describing the full spectrum of energetic afflictions that plague people.

More importantly, I also realise that these are not actually afflictions.  My personal experiences have proven to me that no one is broken, or incapable, or irreparably damaged, or indeed a victim.  I had previously held this notion as a theory and now I really believe it. 

My new awareness of these aspects of the human condition now equip me to hold a much more empowering attitude to my interventions with people.  As I now realise that we all have access to an infinite source of capability and healing and can find our own answers if facilitated in a manner that lets us discover them for ourselves.

I believe that I have become more receptive and certainly more compassionate as I’ve been able to shift much of my own stuck energies and now have a better understanding of the journey my soul has taken to bring me to today.  Having sat in the chair myself has helped me experience what I will be facilitating for many of my clients and this has enriched my learning and practice and I truly know what it feels like to shift stuck energy.


Hypnotherapy enables you to change the current pattern of the moment so that you can start engaging a new experience.  It allows you to change your life in a very short span of time – by changing the vibration of ‘now’.

All you need to do is change a couple of ingredients and all of the other vibrations associated with the energy you changed, like a connected web, must also adjust as well. The whole fabric of your reality can be changed through hypnotherapy.

Your body is an antenna of a vibration and it determines your physical reality.  It is the projector screen for vibration, and your five, or six, senses are the projection mechanisms.

Our subconscious mind is one of the gateways by which we can access these stored 'media': your feelings and beliefs; to transform the energy being held in the body.

Hypnoenergetics provides the key to the gateway.






For those that need the background and science.

All of our experiences create their respective physical chemistry inside the body. We also inherit the "chemistry" of our mother’s experiences that she had while we were in the womb.  The study of epigenetics explores this area further and shows that experiences are passed down through generations and can alter how genes are expressed.  Our genes are carrying energetic impressions from our ancestors.  We are also impacted by the experiences of our ancestors and our own early life experiences also modify our genes to produce healthy or unhealthy effects.

Also, language (including our thoughts and spoken words), has a significant effect on our energy.  It has the power to lift our states or lower them.  Scientific research done in Russia has shown that it is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to respond directly to the vibration and structure of language.  Genetic code follows the same rules as all our human languages and DNA stores its data much like a computer.  It is recording and storing the frequencies, thoughts, beliefs and vibrations to which we are exposed.

For those that like to hear reasons.

  • Clearing stuck emotions and trauma
  • Clearing Ancestral Lineage patterns
  • Psychoanatomy (connecting to your body’s consciousness for cellular healing)
  • Womb trauma and contract exploration
  • Soul Communion and reconnection
  • Outcome obstacle clearance
  • Discovering unconscious beliefs that hold us back
  • Reframing unhelpful beliefs
  • Dealing with Addictions, and habitual behaviours
  • Removing the potency of emotional triggers
  • Desensitising painful memories
  • Reinforcing new behaviours
  • Weight problems
  • Giving up Addictions
  • Addressing low esteem or self confidence
  • Removing Cellular imprints



  • Finding your purpose and focus
  • Stress Management
  • Overcoming Low Energy, Personal Motivation obstacles
  • Sports and performance anxiety
  • Eliminating Negative self talk
  • Managing and eliminating Anxiety
  • Coping with Depression
  • Fears and phobias
  • Removing the energetic hold of:
  • Pain
  • Abuse
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Cancelling Metaphysical Contracts
  • Ending cycles of behaviour patterns
  • Ending ancestral patterns and memes

Hypno Energetics typically takes up to 2 – 2.5 hours and it is prudent to allow up to 3 hours. 

It’s useful to take time after a session to integrate your experience.  Allow yourself the time, without needing to return to work or undertake any busy activities afterwards. Quiet time to reflect is recommended if at all possible. It is also advised to drink less caffeine before the session.

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Clear stuck or unhelpful energies which mask your soul’s natural frequency.  Remove the energy that supports bad habits, undesired behaviours, and emotional traumas.  Tap into versions of you that have answers to your questions.  Find out who you were before this life.  Remember why you came here ...


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