Past Life Regression

Quantum Consciousness Experience


Energy Based hypnotherapy enables you to find, release and transform the trauma, forgotten experiences, or situations from your past, that are stuck in your body; and are now holding you back.   The energy of these experiences gets trapped in the body and we may experience it as our current state, our present emotions, or a stale reaction to a new situation.

Ideally you are willing and prepared to sit with a small level of discomfort for a short amount of time so that we can access what needs to be shifted and transformed.

Releasing the energy that holds difficult past events stagnant in the body, forces all of the other vibrations, associated with that energy, to adjust as well, which completely change how you hold previously painful memories. The whole fabric of the reality you are perceiving can change.

For those who wish to explore.

You will be directed to the core of a challenging issue, (or whatever, you want to work on), and be assisted to release the energy and transform how that situation is held in the body.  Practitioners can tap into an infinite number of healing techniques and resources to assist you to release troublesome energies.

You will remain fully aware of what is happening. Remember that this is therapy and your subconscious mind, and your soul, knows you will be held safely so you can do whatever work is needed, which may feel a bit uncomfortable.

For those who wish to evolve, transform or become more yourself.

Once the root cause or the source of an issue has been identified, the practitioner spends some time validating whether that was the initial sensitising event, situation or circumstance, that created the belief, that caused the feeling, and now informs the behaviour, or supports the stuck energy.

You are then guided to a point of realisation, (normally shown a different perspective of what actually happened), which destabilises the energetic foundation that was supporting the belief.

For those that need the background & science.

All of our experiences create a corresponding physical chemistry inside the body. We also inherit the "chemistry" of our mother’s experiences that she had while we were in the womb.  The study of epigenetics explores this area further and shows that experiences are passed down through generations and can alter how genes are expressed.  Our genes are carrying energetic impressions from our ancestors.  We are also impacted by the experiences of our ancestors, and our own early life experiences also modify our genes to produce healthy or unhealthy effects.

Also, language (including our thoughts and spoken words), has a significant effect on our energy.  It has the power to lift our states or lower them.  Scientific research done in Russia has shown that it is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to respond directly to the vibration and structure of language.  Genetic code follows the same rules as all our human languages and DNA stores its data much like a computer.  It is recording and storing the frequencies, thoughts, beliefs and vibrations to which we are exposed.

Releasing the old energy now makes space for new energy and new understandings or realisations and more supportive beliefs.

The old energy is stripped from your being and a new state is permeated throughout your energetic timeline and directed to where healing is needed.





Past Life Journeys may help you:

  • explore who you have been in previous lives
  • take a holiday into your past
  • understand how your past is influencing your present
  • remove past life trauma affecting this life
  • understand recurring relationship patterns with people with whom you regularly incarnate
  • gain clarity on why you came back to this life
  • understand life lessons, major themes, and purpose
  • create more peace, acceptance, or contentment



For those who wish to explore.

Past Life Regression (PLR) can be likened to a guided, non-ordinary reality tour into your own past existence. It's like a guided relaxation and meditation session, combined with a healing experience and can be quite insightful.  You may get a new perspective on the person you are in this life, and you will feel incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of the session.

For those who wish to evolve, transform or become more yourself.

PLR enables you to discover the reason behind some of your behaviours, character traits, relationship difficulties or unexplained physical conditions. It will help you understand the event, for example, that created a particular fear, phobia, or recurring situation, and contribute to removing the current symptoms or reactions to enable you to become more functional.

Many 'jump' into a Past Life during a 'normal' hypnosis session, and the session will be used to remove the energy of the past life influence, which is still impacting the present life.

For those that like to hear reasons to do a PLR.

My hypnotherapy clients have noticed that our bodies carry the energetic imprints of previous incarnations and, as with ancestral energies, events and experiences in past lives can impact this life in ways that are less than ideal.

All of these energies and chemistry adds a vibrational overlay to the being, sometimes in disharmony to our natural soul frequency.  Imprints from past experiences can create blocks in this life. For example, you may have a fear of drowning or water because you drowned in a previous incarnation.

Many of our issues potentially originate from incidents in another lifetime.  A Past Life session enables you to identify the source of these feelings and energies.

PLR can also be used to facilitate connecting to other aspects of yourself that have not yet manifested in this current incarnation.  

You can often open up the possibility to bring the energy of that particular skill or quality or ability into this life.  It is often the case that the subconscious will take you back to a Past Life which holds some significance to your current situation in this lifetime. Exploring that Past Life will bring clarity and understanding to this one.

While I have personally experienced profound healing with PLR and have had many clients spontaneously "land" in a past life during a regular hypnotherapy session from time to time; one does not need to be suffering from any particular ailment or phobia to receive the many benefits from a PLR session.

You may just wish to understand more about yourself and why you are here.  Often the result is healing at many levels, healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

QUANTUM JOURNEYS: a Shamanic State of Consciousness brought on by Hypnosis ...

5 Principles of Quantum Consciousness

There are few opportunities where you get to experience yourself as a multidimensional being and connect to those other aspects of yourself in different timelines, dimensions or parallel existences.

The Quantum Consciousness Experience is one of those experiences and is often one of the highest vibrational, loving and sacred spaces I have the good fortune to facilitate. This is a very expansive experience for most people and is as shamanic as it is therapeutic.

For those that are ready, it can open you up to connecting to more aspects of yourself and enable you to learn and gain wisdom, and healing, from other versions of oneself ...

Download: QCE Case Study Example



For those who wish to explore.

A Quantum Consciousness Experience (QCE) is a guided non-ordinary reality tour into your individual personal universe.  Much like a Past Life journey, it can have similar uplifting effects, like a deep relaxation and meditation session,  and can be quite insightful.  You will certainly gain a new perspective on your personal issues and situation in this life, and you will feel incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of the session.  Find out more about the Journey here  ...

For those who wish to evolve and transform.

QCE enables you to gain insight, wisdom, healing and a different perspective on every day issues, or your wildest and deepest existential questions.  If you would like clarity on a burning issue or question, then this is the type of session that may provide those answers.  It can be like having a pep talk or reality check from another aspect of yourself.

For those that need the background & science.

Consciousness Researchers tell us that we are an energy that shifts, changes and travels unbound by time and space. Quantum Scientists tell us that we are energy, consisting of subatomic particles, and that the entire universe is our home. Both are right, we are Quantum Consciousness. We are a window to a dynamic and unfolding universal journey. Simply put, we are a human portal waiting to be released into the fabric of the cosmos itself. The purpose of this method is to help people "Remember". To remember that we are part of creation, part of a greater energy and remembering this through our own personal experience is all it takes to change a life.

This 'Modality' was created by Peter Smith who was also one of the founders of Hypnoenergetics and has been president of the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives since 2009.  The videos below show Peter providing an introduction to this work.


The Quantum Consciousness journey starts with reminding us that we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. This knowing changes the Present Consciousness and you are guided to expand beyond time and space, through different states of awareness; giving you an opportunity to heal and explore other aspects of yourself in your unique personal universe.

Our Stored Consciousness holds all the experiences in this lifetime, even those we are yet to have, and we ask these aspects of ourselves, anywhere along this current timeline to come forward to share wisdom or healing.

We then travel through the realm of our Alternate Consciousness, where perhaps important decisions created a replication of you in an alternate reality.  We meet and share time with these alternates who offer you their perspective of what it was like to make a different decision, than the one you made; and explore the resulting life experience.

Next we move through your Parallel Consciousness, where you discover what it is like to exist in other bodies on this earth in another period of Earth's history.  Again we make exchanges that leave all aspects of you in a higher vibration.

Then we visit our Interdimensional Consciousness where we experience the knowing of being in other life forms or dimensions, again for a similar exchange of energy.

Finally you embrace your Eternal Consciousness and pause to experience that transformational energy before blending with the Fabric of the Cosmos itself.

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No one is broken, incapable, or irreparably damaged, or truly a victim. If held in an empowering space, you will have access to an infinite source of capability and healing, where you can find answers and heal from your past ...