In Person & Remote 1-on-1 Sessions

All members of our lineage are connected via an energy field: the Family Soul. This is like the Oversoul of the lineage.

Everything that affects or influences the family, imprints on the Family Soul.

Both the perpetrator energies and the victim energies are imprinted.

The family Soul seeks to release, or resolve these imprints to remove this energy from the family line.

Family Constellations group workshops or individual sessions, enable us to expose and resolve systemic family and ancestral imprints.

These imprints create an emotional or energetic burden that constantly weighs us down, or an energetic pattern, which act like a barrier to our personal freedom and progress through life.

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Healing Childhood Wounds

Those lucky enough to receive and experience love, connection, safety, autonomy, dignity and justice in their formative years; are more likely to turn out well adjusted - which sets them up to be well with themselves and others. If these experiences were missing from our life, and the lives of our predecessors; the core, "unprocessed", emotions that materialise in our system during trying times, in our formative years, tend to get stuck in our bodies and energy fields, and the resulting dis-ease, may then become the foundation of many of our physical, mental and emotional illnesses and issues. We have the ability and right to connect to love as humans, loving ourselves and our former selves as we are / were - loving our parents and their limits and knowledge as they are. Connecting to the love that exists in the family system, connects us to our ability to love ourselves. However, sometimes we need a little help ...

Descendants tend to experience an unconscious loyalty to ancestral family behaviours, as if the family soul were gifting ancestral 'fate' to them. So if one of your ancestors suffered from extreme poverty, that energy will trickle down the lineage until it is resolved. Equally, if one of your ancestors suffered from sexual abuse; the abuser, and victim energy gets imprinted, and present family can tune into, or experience, either energy.  These patterns will continue until they are released.

Family Constellations, enables us to expose and resolve systemic family and ancestral issues, to remove the energy from the current family system. This can help to free descendants from having to repeat those same family patterns.


Benefits of a Constellation

  • Dealing with systemic family addictions and behaviours
  • Freeing yourself from family imposed limits
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Overcoming low energy, and personal motivation obstacles
  • Performance anxiety
  • Coping with systemic Depression
  • Relieving fears and phobias
  • Removing the energetic hold on the lineage of:
    • Pain
    • Abuse
    • Guilt
    • Shame
  • Ending systemic dysfunctional family patterns
  • Clearing stuck emotions and trauma
  • Clearing Ancestral Lineage patterns
  • Neutralising the effects of past and ancestral traumas
  • Understanding and stopping toxic family patterns
  • Removing obstacles to your success
  • Removing unconscious family beliefs or patterns
  • Reframing unhelpful ideas picked up from childhood
  • Addressing the effects of bad parenting
  • Removing emotional triggers
  • Desensitising painful memories
  • Reinforcing new behaviours
  • Addressing low esteem or self confidence
  • Clearing Lineage trauma from live descendants

It is our job to heal ourselves and lead a conscious life - by accepting ourselves and our life, and if we can love ourselves, we will feel worthy - maybe not perfect - but worthy.  If we cannot accept ourselves first, we will not be able to accept others - we will judge them (as we see others as reflections of ourselves).

We need to come to a point in our lives where we can receive the love that has been gifted to us from our lineage in fullness; however our life came to us, and whatever the situation and circumstance of our birth. We can do this at any stage of our life. It may help to connect to the nourishing idea that we have received life, and it is a GIFT, no matter the circumstances that created our birth - let go of the toxic pain and dysfunction  - so we can take our life and the available love in full. If you are not able to do this, you may remain entangled or connected to the pain and toxicity.  If you cannot disconnect, you risk having to repeat the patterns and dysfunction; since there is a DNA loyalty to ancestral and family patterns - and the family field or soul wants these energies resolved.

The facilitator assists the client to put right those things that are not right in the family energy. This may sometimes require restoring the energy balance in the family dynamic - via some form of enabling, empowering, supporting of the “weaker” energies - restoring the balance created by overly strong parents or children, enabling them to soften their energy and remove their defence so that they restore their connection to the ancestral flow of love and life-force.

It may also be necessary to heal our relatives in spirit form, who have not managed to evolve to become healthy ancestors and facilitate appropriate rituals to assist them to reconnect to those that have come before them.

Sometimes it is useful before a session to find out the facts about the family, and any information about  and major tragedies, emigrations, illnesses and family secrets.  If you can let go and trust your own inner wisdom, you can gain a lot of insight from a single session. You will always get what you need and are ready to integrate. Meditation and relaxation before your session can assist you to relax deeply and let go during the session. However, a  vested interest in the outcome, can do wonders to spark your family soul's interest in providing answers. Try to remain open minded and let the practitioner know if there are any concerns, doubts and fears that you may have regarding the session. There is nothing to worry about as you are always in control and can stop at any point whenever you choose.

How to Prepare for a Session

Family Constellations typically takes up to 1.5 - 2 hours and it is prudent to allow up to 3 hours to enable integration.

Take time after a session to integrate your experience.  Allow yourself the time, without needing to return to work or undertake any busy activities afterwards. Do not think about the session afterwards and allow the energy to disperse.

What to Expect