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You are the combined achievement of your experiences, learning, beliefs, perspective, goals and desires.

The Life You are living right now is the result of your energy, vibration and Self image ...

There may also be a little, emotional baggage weighing you down, or you may not have had much experience in the areas of your life that you wish to expand...

Over the years, I have sold million dollar IT Contracts, and have also trained and mentored business colleagues to close their own million dollar deals. I created a successful healing business and a thriving mystery school, and regularly assist clients jumpstart, or progress in, their lives ...

I coach and mentor many of my clients and students through, times of indecision, stuck-ness, turmoil, and uncertainty. Plus my passion for life inspires them to be better versions of themselves.

I am now formalising this assistance, and putting structure around such guidance, and have created a number of offerings, and packages to assist you to become a more capable and higher  achieving version of you...

This is an Energy Mastery, and reality shifting experience, combining emotional wellbeing, energy focus and grounding, as well as Personal Energy Mentoring.

The Programmes and one-on-one sessions help you stay embodied as you progress through the various tasks and exercises.  It will be experiential, and possibly require physical, energetic and emotional work to support, whichever version of 'You' that you wish to upgrade and grow.

Plus you will get Joseph as an accountability mentor with weekly catchups and zooms.

The content and discussions will be moulded to your needs and the needs of your intention.

Ready to Get Going?

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So we are clear, these are grounded and practical sessions.  You should know that I sit comfortably in both the Spirit world and the Corporate container governing most people's lives - and I'm successful at both.

I will call out your bullshit in a polite and direct manner, and there is no point in booking a session if you are not ready to put in the effort.

Be aware, I will NOT fix you, I am NOT your father, but I will help you become a more capable version of you.

Are you ready to put in the work?

These sessions will be remote on Zoom. It's useful to be mindful of what you wish to work on. However, we can go through your life and existence and work this out together, and then plan future sessions around the results of that first session.

Should you know what you wish to work on, think of it in terms of how you would like to transform your life, whether that is: ' to have more or something', 'to have less of something' or 'to change something about your experience or the way you show up for yourself and others'.

These sessions provide the space for you to tell your story and learn new, unique and expanding perspectives using personal examples, examples from others, as well as references from a long history steeped in philosophical, commercial and spiritual experiences.  There are instances when channelling and messages from spirit will also be included, and these will be presented so that they are grounded and accessible.

How to Prepare for Mentoring

What to Expect