Clearing Energies


People & Spaces

What does a

Shamanic Magician do?

Shamanic Magicians create safe, sacred energy containers, to assist clients to:

  • Reclaim lost Soul fragments
  • Remove ghosts, entities and attachments from their energy field
  • Cross over dead spirits
  • Remove curses, spells and hexes
  • Remove the above from Spaces - see space clearing section on booking Form
  • Stop psychic attacks and heal the damage they cause
  • Increase client's power & energy
  • Remove the causes of bad luck
  • Heal from previously unyielding conditions
  • Increase vitality, to helps deal with trauma
  • Upgrade their being and change limiting beliefs
  • Remove relationship-disrupting entities that are cause disharmony
  • Heal the metaphysical causes of stress, and emotional issues
  • Experience Ceremony and Ritual
  • Connect more to themselves, their spirit teams and their ancestors
  • Feel more grounded & energetically clean
  • Feel more present & connected
  • Reconnect to their divine timelines and divine essence
  • Reconnect to the natural order of earths cycles
  • Feel much more embodied, present, graceful, alert and aware

Also Offering Space Cleansing

See Space Cleansing category on Booking page ...

Becoming a truly competent Shamanic Magician takes many years of work.

It requires specialist knowledge of how to remove psychic phenomena, plus many years of personal experiences and an accumulation of wisdom from many masters.

We have created a unique accredited healing modality to restore your vitality and reconnect you to Divine Grace.

How to Prepare ...

Relaxation before your session can assist your ability to relax deeply and let go during the session. Also, let us know if there are any concerns, doubts and fears that you may have regarding the session.

There is nothing to worry about as you are always in control and fully present throughout the session (with your eyes closed and lying down mostly).

No alcohol the day before, on the day, and preferably a few days after a healing.  Also please try to drink less caffeine before the session.

What to Expect

A Healing typically takes 90 mins for the standard session or 2 hours for a deep clearing.  Longer sessions can be purchased to tackle more things. There may be a short or long intro talk, depending on your ability to settle into the energy of the session and your need to have questions answered.

If this is your first time, then please book the Deep Cleansing session.  Also keep an open mind, since, for some people, it can seem a little weird having a stranger shake a rattle or bang a drum around them, whilst performing odd rituals and incantations.

Soul Retrieval may require some gentle integration after a session, which can take a day to a week to work through, to help integrate whatever emotional experience that caused the soul to fragment.  Some feel immediately abundant with vitality, clear headed, present and grounded after a session.  Whilst others may go on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, whilst they integrate the emotions, that caused the missing soul portions to fragment. Sometimes clients may process the grief of the removal of heavy energies that they had actually gotten used to carrying.

Grounding, earthing, and quiet time to reflect, on a long walk at the beach, or in a park, is always recommended after a session, if at all possible.  A good night's sleep may also be necessary.  Strange dreams may happen as the subconscious processes the changes in energy. You will not usually be told about everything that was removed, or the circumstances that caused your Soul to Fragment.

Depending on your level of sensitivity, a Shamanic Clearing will be experienced like a non-intrusive energy healing, an energetic purge, or a boost in vitality.  It is not uncommon to go through a period of mild grief after a session, as we can unconsciously become emotionally attached to those things in our energy bodies - even though they may not be helpful to us.

Clients typically come with around 120 different energy afflictions (on average, and we can detect over 600 different types of energies, entities, and issues that impact the body and energy system), and the practitioner will draw upon their helping spirits to assist with their removal. The Practitioner evokes a receptive state that enables access to information or assistance from the helping spirits, to guide the session.

Everyone will benefit from a clearing, every few months, depending on what type of lifestyle you lead.