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“I found Joseph to be a perceptive facilitator during my Hypnoenergetics sessions. He displayed care and patience in delving deeper to ensure he was reaching the real core of the issue. I’ve had hypnotherapy before, however I found my time with Joseph to be more powerful due to his knowledge of ancestral lineage and his ability to facilitate soul reconnection through shamanic practices. His voice is incredibly soothing and made me feel safe and secure during the intense memories that can be a part of hypnotherapy sessions. Within a few days of our sessions I experienced very powerful shifts with noticeable results in my life. I’m thankful to say that I have been able to let go of some deep-seated fears and tap into a higher level of confidence due to my time with Joseph. I am incredibly grateful for his expertise and guidance! I highly recommend Joseph’s skillset to anyone who is looking to connect to their soul’s essence and live an empowered life by opening up to what they are truly capable of.”

Gina Robinson

Dear Joe,  I wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful en-lightening session a couple of weeks ago.

The session has had a profound impact on me. I am pleased to report that the anxiety has greatly reduced and I have not purchased a single ounce of chocolate. In fact, there has only been two occasions where I have had any at all, and each time was a mere bite size, which felt good to realise my ability to exercise self control.

I want to thank you also for the extra time you took in the induction part of the session. The guidance you gave me helped me to not only explain and further intellectualise intangible feelings, but also to realise the power of my subconscious mind before heading into the session. This prompted me to further trust the process.

... I would like to continue to work together in the future. I will also be an advocate of your work.

Thanks again and see you soon.

Megan Wright

I had the privilege to work with, to heal with, and learn from Joseph on three separate occasions; first on a five week Shamanic Energy Training course, then in a Quantum Consciousness session, and most recently a personalised Soul Plan session.

All of it has been an overwhelmingly positive and sometimes magical experience which I am so grateful for. I can still remember what an amazing feeling it was to really feel my first 'energy ball' and what happened when I had an emotional and transformative moment during the drum journey at the warrior training course. This, and much more, all happened as a result of Joe's ability to create a safe space where you feel truly comfortable, plus his application of a wealth of knowledge and how easily approachable and helpful he is when you have questions or face any difficulties.

The hypnotherapy session really facilitated some powerful realisations. Joe is particularly good at making you feel relaxed, helping you learn how to trust and let go (if you have an overactive mind like me) and the insights that came from deep inside me were profound. He helps to facilitate what is a genuinely positive experiential and deep understanding of your perspective of your place in the world from within a part of yourself that understands you better than anyone, and it was such a beautiful experience.

Charlotte Caldow

"My hypnoenergetics session with Joseph was the most thorough and in depth healing I have experienced. I really appreciated how Joseph really made the effort to understand my needs and where I was at so he could make the most of our healing time. I felt really safe and supported and could relax knowing there was absolutely no judgement. Most of all I could feel how genuine the session was and really appreciated Joseph's efforts to follow up with me afterwards and give me a write up the insights discovered."

Saya Hayashi

“My Hypnoenergetics and Quantum Consciousness sessions with Joseph have given me a profound understanding of my inner world, which I feel I would never have gained access to had I not participated in this work. The insights I received in the session, have shifted some old energies, and challenged and altered some of my old belief systems.  Through a deep connection, this work held the space needed for me to receive some profound healing, much needed guidance, and an understanding of my past, present and future. In the days following my sessions I felt a deep sense of calm, a clarity of why things were the way they were, and understood how I can move forward in a more positive way. I can not recommend this work enough.   With Joseph you are in the care of a true professional. The space is safely and lovingly held as you are guided towards your inner dimensions where true change and healing can occur.

Haley North

“... So many realisations!  I cant believe I have feeling back in my thigh, that has been numb for ever, I had actually thought it was from a back injury 16 years ago!  Also much realisations around a past relationship where, looking back at him now there is no pain. I know I lost part of me back then and my journeying on the way to your house now makes sense. Thank you for retrieving that part of my soul.  I am feeling quite contemplative, thankful and wholeness.  I've experienced so much loss and never really had conscious awareness of it ... as I always powered on trying to fill that void.  There is kind of a blissful kindness washing over me as I acknowledge my losses and at the same time I feel fully supported. Supported by my [power] animals, which makes me smile every time I think of them because they have always been there, I just didn't recognise them for what they were. My snake shows me intrusions, my peacock brings me strength, power and protection and my lion brings me and reminds me of love - universal all encompassing love from every particle of my being.   I am truly blessed and I'm honouring you at the moment for bringing all this into my awareness ❤ thank you ❤

... They integrate so well together - kind of like the Soul Plan being the theory and the Shamanic Healing the tidying up of the past (the downward triangle) so you can fully embrace the present moment!  I experienced visions of many animals and today I even remember a great pterodactyl like being (maybe a dragon) in the room as well as what I thought may have been a Bison?? It felt very much like I was being healed by American Indian Shamanic Energy (by the animals and Shamans) - which I'm unsure if that is your lineage.

Sherree Williams

I was lucky enough to have a Quantum Consciousness session with Joseph a few days ago.

It was a truly a profound experience and one that I highly recommend to anyone wanting to explore themselves more deeply and get a great insight into how you can be your own healer and be guided by many aspects of your own self.

The journey was 2.5 hours long where we explored past selves, parallel selves, past life self and non human form self. All of the “selves” I met had great wisdom and guidance for me and me for them. As a result of the healing I feel more empowered, clear and compassionate towards myself and feel aligned with my purpose and goals. It was really profound and incredible experience and one I shall never forget and one I am more the better person for as a result.

Joseph was a wonderful facilitator who made sure I felt safe, comfortable and held throughout the process. His warm guidance was an anchor and a shining light throughout the entire process. His manner is one of deep listening, deep care and passion for the practice and the end result.  I have no hesitation recommending him and the practice.

Emma Kenyon

"Coming into my Quantum Consciousness healing session I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd had no experience with hypnosis before. Joseph very patiently and thoroughly talked me through it all before we began so by the time I laid down I was open and ready for whatever experience I was about to have.

The beginning of the session I was a little rocky as I was finding it difficult to stop my analytical brain from worrying about "doing it right" but Joseph quickly worked me through it. Throughout the session I made contact with several different versions of myself and, by the end, I had received a surprisingly cohesive list of messages, insights and healings from each.

I tried not to set too much of an intention before the session as I didn't want to try to force an outcome from a process I had no idea about, but I can safely say I achieved the intention I would have set if I'd let myself which was fantastic! In the following days I cleared a couple of blockages that I'd been dealing with for a long time and I definitely attribute this to my quantum consciousness healing session. I'm very grateful for the session I did with Joseph and I'd recommend it to anyone who feels drawn to it.

Thank you."

Brendan Ruys

I am writing this having just done an advanced Soul Plan and a business Soul Plan Reading. It is now 6 months from when I received the initial Soul Plan Reading and healing session with Joe. To say that my life has changed since then, would be a vast understatement. Shortly after the healing session my business took a dramatic turn for the better. I recall at the time receiving an energetic map of exactly how to work through my challenges that I incarnated with, plus the skill sets and and gifts I can apply in life.

I used the one piece of information that I held onto from the plan and applied it. In my case I remembered that much of my worldly challenges would be worked through, were I to focus on what I came here to do. This I did and the results have been awesome. And as I often say to people, myself included, “I am just warming up”.

Returning back for a second look half a year later, I can see how much I missed from the initial reading, and how much more I could have eased my situation, and accelerated my growth even further, had I referred back to my plan with greater regularity. I had, partially, forgotten what a powerful tool it is.

Julze Serendipity  Australia

From the very outset when working with Joe, you can really see the thorough and meticulous approach he applies to the task. This is especially helpful knowing as he unfolds it in front of you that there is no way you are going to remember all of it. Joe has, by his own admission, therefore, gone the extra mile and condensed as much useful information and tools he can in a handout, to maximise your experience with your Soul Plan.

This Business Reading also clarified for me how much I was on track with my business and the various aspects incorporated into it. I saw an even vaster scope for this work beyond personal interest or spiritual growth.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Joe’s Soul Plan readings. If you feel you have been wandering around in the dark without a torch or a guide, then this is not only that torch but a roadmap to help your traverse the most uneven and difficult aspects in your life. Do it. It will change your life!

The Soul Plan session was transformative, Some of it was so validating and it came with some impressive and influential insights. Joe is very patient, he took the time to really listen and explain my never-ending questions in a way I could fully understand, and his character is just perfect for the work he is doing. The loveliest mixture of warm, kind, professional - a beautiful Soul really - his caring nature shines through. During sessions he is honest, tactful, non-judgemental and made me feel so comfortable - I was able to trust him completely and still do. The healing practices themselves are powerful basically because the level of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table is astounding.

If you are drawn to the treatments that he offers I can only say to you, do it! If you are willing to do some of the work too, then it will change your life for the better and most likely make you a happier person. I can't recommend him enough and I'm so, so grateful for all that he has done for me.

Thanks Joe, you wee legend.

I saw many full faced masks - some a little scary but really energetically interesting all  the same. I was trying real hard to stay present and not go out of body so I focused on the visuals.  I felt little pangs of sadness come and go and as the soul was integrated even mutterings of dogmatic religious rhetoric.

Cant help but think those Catholic rituals our parents put us through took our power or parts of our Soul away and it felt like the reclaiming of these parts and bringing them back - although without even having to do the work as you were doing it for me. I was very spaced out afterwards and slept like a log.  Today the sky seems bluer, the sounds I hear are joyful and I feel very very present.  I must say I felt my body very tense at first during the session as I didn't know what would happen and looking back I think now, what a graceful way to heal the body and reclaim your Soul Energy.

I don't think I could have pinpointed consciously what needed to be healed so trusting in the process and handing it over to you to facilitate on my behalf was not only a first for me but a very enlightening experience.  I know everything is still unfolding and integrating and I'm a little in awe of the pathway you have chosen.   I feel these healing ways have been lost to our culture and society and so very glad that there are people like yourself that are bringing it back so us humans can benefit from it. Thank you for the experience xo “

The Soul Plan reading I had with Joseph helped to make my entire life make sense.  Understanding the key energetic influences of my life and the unique tapestry and structure in which they are formed provided incredible validation and a greater knowingness of one’s self. It is literally a Soul Blueprint. It helped to remind me of who I really am, my true life’s purpose. It also helped me make sense of the repeated lessons and challenges I am here to learn and evolve from.

I realise now that bringing more illumination to the hidden or forgotten parts of ourselves, brings more light within us, rapidly accelerating the cascade of awakening, and allowing more of our Soul light to shine through and into the world.  

Joe is an incredibly heart centred, intuitive healer and Shamanic Practitioner.  His gentle, grounded energy creates a safe space which allows you to be fully open and receptive to the important healing taking place that both the Soul Plan and the Soul Integration session provides.

The Soul Plan was a true catalyst that has reignited and clarified my path and I have found that as time goes on, more and more gifts from the session have started to reveal themselves, including more of my own spiritual gifts and now, a path in which to use them.

Taryn Guerinoni


Daniel Hansen


Hi Jo,

Thanks for the session it was powerful.

I'm feeling strong and in my body with these new energies that have been called in. At first I felt deeply relaxed and now feel focused and more empowered, like more confident in myself.

A lot of what you told me about myself, I already was already aware of and it was good to get that confirmation. It was just what I needed, to hear, and it confirmed and delivered, and backed by such a strong vibration, it really activated it inside of me.

I noticed some of what was happening during the healing, the energies were really lively and were notice as they moved and did there work.

Ive been reading over the Soul Plan and it all resinates perfectly, its flicking all sorts of internal switches.

Feeling Good !

Thanks Joseph :)

Michele Cempaka  Bali

“… I was surprised by how comprehensive and accurate my Soul Plan was, as it was constructed solely from my birth name…My Soul Plan confirmed that I was already living my soul destiny as a Spiritual teacher and healer. It also showed me my Spiritual challenges and what I needed to work on to evolve.

At the end of my plan was a list of specific Bach flower remedies that could help me with my Spiritual challenge which is taming my anger.

My Soul reading concluded with a beautiful healing in which I was guided into a deeply relaxed state. During this time Joseph tunes into the heart which is the gateway to the soul, and he asked Great Spirit to present my soul blueprint.

Then he removed several blockages in my field from other lifetimes, actually pinpointing a blockage in my left ear which I had never told him about went back many lifetimes.

Joseph concluded the session with reading a special Soul message just for me which was programmed into my subconscious.

Throughout the session I felt like I was floating high above my physical body. It was a very similar feeling to being in a deep state of hypnosis. For me, the experience of receiving my Soul Plan was very enlightening and empowering.

I believe that getting clarity about my Spiritual and worldly talents, as well as my Spiritual challenges, will greatly assist me as I move forwards in my life.

This is from an article written about a Soul Plan Session: http://baliadvertiser.biz/plan-for-the-soul/

Megan Wright Australia

Josephs Quantum Consciousness session was a deep journey, filled with interesting imagery and powerful information. I believe these sessions are not for the faint hearted, participants need to be ready to experience all  aspects of themselves, including their higher mind and the depths of the subconscious.

It is Josephs extremely gentle and nurturing energy that makes you feel completely supported and safe.

Joseph leaves no page unturned and provides you with a sense that there is time for all things to be uncovered, healed and transmuted.I would recommend Jo’s sessions to anyone who is not afraid of deep journeying and who is ready to break through old patterns, stories and beliefs. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this work.

Rob Angeles Australia

I’ve had several hypnotherapy sessions with Joe and the intention of these sessions was to identify, understand, and resolve several patterns that were causing a tug o’ war within me. I saw repeating patterns, limiting beliefs and programming I acquired from my environment. Some were unconsciously cast and some were caused by events that were hidden.

My sessions with Joe where ecstatic and profound. All were done within a safe environment where one can journey within one’s psyche and discover moving gears we are not normally aware of. Joe is very intuitive when it comes to identifying patterns and events that created them. He has a voice that is very calm, which allowed me to feel confident about the session.

After my sessions with Joe. I felt several layers were peeled from my shell. I discovered many things that allowed me to move forward. Limiting patterns and beliefs may have caused “bad” things in my life but Joe helped me realise that these are actually lessons, lessons that are now embedded within me which allows me to go deeper with working with myself without doubts or feeling limited. Every day when I wake up, I know my purpose, I know why I am here and I know me.

I recommend Joe’s sessions for anyone who wants to dive within themselves and start working towards creating a happy life and an exciting journey. Enjoy the ride!

I've done a Soul Plan reading in the past and I thought that it shared some really interesting information, but at the time I didn't pay much attention to, it as the explanations were way too short.

Thankfully Joseph talked me into doing another one with him, and his ability to truly tune in, as well as to explain all the numerology and symbology, were more than impressive.

From all the readings I have had in the past, whether it was Astrology, Numerology and Channelings, this was by far the most outstanding one.

If you don't know where you're going with your life, if you need to find out what you need to work on, what your spiritual talents are, what difficulties need to be tackled and where your soul wants to take you in this lifetime - then this is exactly where you'll find your answers.

And if you know all of this already, then this is the perfect tool to get some confirmation.

Highly recommended!

Andrew Paradnik UK

Caitlin Priday Australia

My Soul Plan reading came as a huge shock as I didn't realise how much amazing content, time and energy I would receive in not only the reading but the incredible healing at the end of it!

It was truly the most intensive, comprehensive and deeply relieving experience I've had to date; where I was able to see all aspects of myself clearly laid out; giving me the ability to see what is in my highest good to tune into in this lifetime.

I keep coming back to it again and again, and am also deeply touched by my special flower essence that is still helping me bring through suppressed emotions and triggers so I can clear the way for my original blueprint to make its mark on this world.

Thank you Joseph!

Still feeling the reverberations of it months after the reading itself!

Highly recommended to anyone who is ready to see the true nature of themselves and become clear on what it is they are offering to this world.

It’s taking a powerful step to have a Soul Plan Activation with Joseph. First, he is one of the loveliest people I know. Conscientious, positive, and fun! He takes the job of reading a Soul Plan seriously but brings in his beautiful personality with it.

When I first had my Soul Plan Activation, I got a great sense of validation. Validation that what I saw in my life from childhood to now, really is part of the plan. Next, it gave me a great sense of permission and empowerment to continue on my path, to express myself and be the real me. I can do this because I am supported by the Universe!

Joseph gave me full documentation of my Plan and I recorded the session. Re-reading it is like going over a guide book for my life. How good is that?!

We are not here to suffer. We are here to experience, to learn, and be in joy. Thank you Joseph for learning this skill so people can embrace their Light within.

Jimmie Lene Read
Cosmic Training Ground

Jimmie Read Singapore

"A soul plan reading with Joseph is a must-have! He is very passionate about the system, and that interest can’t help but make you more excited about the potentials.

He goes above and beyond in a session – ensuring that you get a full description of how a reading works and a beautifully printed document to take home as a continued reference point.

Having this work done is an incredibly important part of becoming conscious of your own patterns and the possible life paths open to you.

The healing creates shifts on a much deeper and multi-dimensional level. Joseph is a caring and nurturing practitioner that I trust implicitly.

I highly recommend him to people ready for a whole new level of healing. "

Gina Robinson Hong Kong

Gretel Sharp Australia

"My shamanic healing session with Joseph really helped me process, and get in touch with what was happening in my subconscious. I connected with past loved ones and cleared out room in my heart for love, rather than grief.  The experience was irreplaceable, and has allowed me to properly heal some painful wounds.

I also had a very clear vision of a guide for the first time!

I've since felt so much more focused and in touch with myself.

I'd recommend Shamanic Healing to anyone and everyone who wants to do the same! "

My soul plan reading with Joe was incredible. Hearing about the energies encompassed by my soul has begun to shift many things inside of me, allowing for a deeper passion and drive to do the things I love.

Joe is incredibly intuitive and took his time to go through all aspects of my soul plan with me to ensure that I understood what each part meant. The healing was incredibly powerful, helping to remove energetic blockages that I've carried for lifetimes, and I really noticed the difference afterwards, feeling much lighter and aligned to my body!

I have been listening to the recording of the reading many times, and it is so useful and inspiring, and each time I listen to it I feel so motivated to follow my life path, especially now that I know what energies I encompass to help me achieve the things that I am passionate about!

Thank you so much Joe for facilitating such an incredible and powerful reading and healing - it will not be forgotten and is something I will refer to for a very long time!

Eloise Fielke Australia

Emily Johnston UK

"I really enjoyed my Soul Plan reading with Joe. It came at a time that was very meaningful in my life in terms of real change and shifts. I found the whole process of exploring my energies very powerful and enlightening.

It shone a light on various aspects of my nature that I hadn't seen before and allowed me to understand them more fully in a space of love and understanding. Joe is very intuitive and creates such a safe space for the process to happen. He has a wealth of knowledge and understanding that he brings to the Soul Plan sessions and in his presence you feel held and cared for during the whole process.

He is open to hearing anything and everything that comes up for you and reflects back with equanimity and understanding. The final healing session was really moving and I felt real shifts in my soul being, shedding the past and opening to the future."

I'd like to write a little bit about the remote Soul Plan Reading I've just had with Joseph which has literally blown me away.

The reading has allowed me to understand myself on a much deeper level. My talents, goals, challenges, my light and shadow aspects. It has answered many questions especially around the blocks and difficulties I've experienced for many years which Joe revealed some are actually my talents and need to be overcome in order to fulfil my souls destiny!

So, I felt like my inner guidance has been patted on the head, reassured and encouraged to move forward. There were surprises too. It's been amazing to have doubts and struggles weeded out and brought into the light....I learned about things I'm susceptible to and things I should pursue, my psychic gifts, what career my personality is suited to...there's so much included in the consultation.

I just feel very lucky being me which sounds so cheesy but I do really feel connected to what my soul wants...Joe did a lovely hypno-healing at the end of my session and removed some blocks in the body. After one of the clearings behind my eye I had a marked improvement in psychic ability.

All of this was done via my name which relates to my numerology. I couldn't believe the accuracy of the info.It's a hugely positive experience with much to integrate and work on afterwards...it's a clear map to show how to heal and move forward in my life.

Joseph delivers the info in a clear, concise and big hearted way. He's very honest and that gives much room for growth when the practitioner doesn't pussy-foot around!

Be warned, you will have no choice but to grow after one of his sessions!

Joanna Southgate UK

Alexandra Romero Australia

SHAMANIC HEALING: I was recommended to Joseph after visiting a long line of healers to help me cut cords from family and past relationships that were holding me back after a mid life crisis and relationship breakup.

As a healer myself I could feel I was drained but didn’t know just how much until my first Shamanic healing with Joseph.  The process of the healing was quite involved and deep, parts of me were summoned, spirits, guides, beings, I could feel it all, saw images and connected to parts of me I didn’t even know existed.. this was 'soul retrieval' as Joe called it, and that is what it felt like.

The shift happened straight after the healing, for the first time in possibly years I felt completely at peace, present and without the need to reach out to entertain myself. My mind was clear, my heart was content.

Since the healing I have felt a complete shift, I am more focused, more grounded.

Thank you Joseph, truly grateful!

Gabrielle Pavlou Australia

SHAMANIC HEALING: I was referred to Joseph by my mum who had seen him a few weeks prior. She has been absolutely glowing and thought it would be as beneficial for me as it was for her!

I wasn’t overly familiar with Shamanism before my session however I went into the session with an open mind and heart, open to what might happen (however also a bit nervous as I am sure Joseph could sense). As soon as I met Joseph and his partner Sharon, I was put at immediate ease and felt comfortable diving into the unknown.

Without giving too much away, the experience was very humbling and warming and I could feel something happening / changing within my body – it was a strange feeling however by no means unwelcome.

Joseph explained it to me in a way that was easy to understand – imagine if you wore the same clothes everyday without washing them, you would feel soiled, and it is the same with your energy field. I felt like my spirit and soul had just had a big ol’ bath and was feeling very fresh.

Walking out of the session, I did feel very heavy and somewhat raw. At first I was a bit concerned however after a few hours of walking in the fresh air and taking everything in, I felt a sense of happiness and clarity that I had not felt in a very, very long time (years!).

Christmas is normally a stressful time for me however I had the most wonderful time with family and friends, and genuinely enjoyed myself and all my experiences.

Since the healing, some amazing things have happened and I believe I am attracting all this goodness into my life now!

I feel like all the clutter and mumbo jumbo in my mind is now gone and I have more room for all the good things!!!

I am so very grateful for my experience and will definitely be back when I begin to feel like I need a spiritual shower.

Thanks so much Joseph, very grateful to have met you and I know I will see you again soon!

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