Your Business is a reflection of the state that You are in.  It's energy actually lives in your energy field.

If you are a mess, then so is your Business...

It, like you, may be carrying a little, emotional or historical baggage.

Over the years, I have sold million dollar IT Contracts, and have also trained and mentored business colleagues to close their own million dollar deals. I created a successful healing business and a thriving mystery school, and regularly assist clients to jumpstart, or progress in, their lives ...

I've helped, mentored and assisted a number of clients and friends to get their message to reflect who they are and what they wish to do for others.

I have now formalised this assistance, in an offering, and packages to assist you to get your message coherent with your energy, your offering and higher  your market place

Many people are not experienced at encapsulating a business message in a manner that gets people to want to Buy from them. It's not always enough to display your picture showing you are human.

Most customers also need the WHY?

Together we will deconstruct your experience and training to create and articulate a coherent, compelling story and offering so that you can create engaging messages to recruit clients to build your business.

These sessions will help you craft your offering in a manner that gets you excited about who you are and what you can offer the world.

Let’s get straight what you have to offer, what makes you unique or different, the type of services or products being offered and how you deliver and articulate your message.

We can also discover the business model or delivery options and packages that will help you maximise the value of your offering.

The content and discussions will be moulded to your needs and the needs of your intention.

Ready to Get Going?

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So we are clear, these are grounded and practical sessions.  You should know that I sit comfortably in both the Spirit world and the Corporate container governing most people's lives - and I'm successful at both.

I will call out your bullshit in a polite and direct manner, and there is no point in booking a session if you are not ready to focus and put in the work - don't waste our time ...

These sessions will be remote on Zoom. It's useful to behave a stretch goal and be mindful of what you wish to work on. However, we can go over your business and experience and craft this together, and then plan future sessions around the results of that first session.

Should you know what you wish to work on, think of it in terms of how you would like to transform your business, message, or business model what you wish to change about your experience or the way you show up in your business'.

These sessions provide the space for you to tell your story and learn new, unique and expanding perspectives using personal examples, examples from others, as well as references from a long history steeped in philosophical, commercial and spiritual experiences.  There are instances when channelling and messages from spirit will also be included, and these will be presented so that they are grounded and accessible.

How to Prepare for Business Coherence Sesssions

What to Expect