Words from Clients

about Hypnosis

"My hypnoenergetics session with Joseph was the most thorough and in depth healing I have experienced. I really appreciated how Joseph really made the effort to understand my needs and where I was at so he could make the most of our healing time. I felt really safe and supported and could relax knowing there was absolutely no judgement. Most of all I could feel how genuine the session was and really appreciated Joseph's efforts to follow up with me afterwards and give me a write up the insights discovered."

Saya Hayashi

“My Hypnoenergetics and Quantum Consciousness sessions with Joseph have given me a profound understanding of my inner world, which I feel I would never have gained access to had I not participated in this work. The insights I received in the session, have shifted some old energies, and challenged and altered some of my old belief systems.  Through a deep connection, this work held the space needed for me to receive some profound healing, much needed guidance, and an understanding of my past, present and future. In the days following my sessions I felt a deep sense of calm, a clarity of why things were the way they were, and understood how I can move forward in a more positive way. I can not recommend this work enough.   With Joseph you are in the care of a true professional. The space is safely and lovingly held as you are guided towards your inner dimensions where true change and healing can occur.

Haley North

I’ve had several hypnotherapy sessions with Joe and the intention of these sessions was to identify, understand, and resolve several patterns that were causing a tug o’ war within me. I saw repeating patterns, limiting beliefs and programming I acquired from my environment. Some were unconsciously cast and some were caused by events that were hidden.

My sessions with Joe where ecstatic and profound. All were done within a safe environment where one can journey within one’s psyche and discover moving gears we are not normally aware of. Joe is very intuitive when it comes to identifying patterns and events that created them. He has a voice that is very calm, which allowed me to feel confident about the session.

After my sessions with Joe. I felt several layers were peeled from my shell. I discovered many things that allowed me to move forward. Limiting patterns and beliefs may have caused “bad” things in my life but Joe helped me realise that these are actually lessons, lessons that are now embedded within me which allows me to go deeper with working with myself without doubts or feeling limited. Every day when I wake up, I know my purpose, I know why I am here and I know me.

I recommend Joe’s sessions for anyone who wants to dive within themselves and start working towards creating a happy life and an exciting journey. Enjoy the ride!

Rob Angeles Australia

“I found Joseph to be a perceptive facilitator during my Hypnoenergetics sessions. He displayed care and patience in delving deeper to ensure he was reaching the real core of the issue. I’ve had hypnotherapy before, however I found my time with Joseph to be more powerful due to his knowledge of ancestral lineage and his ability to facilitate soul reconnection through shamanic practices. His voice is incredibly soothing and made me feel safe and secure during the intense memories that can be a part of hypnotherapy sessions. Within a few days of our sessions I experienced very powerful shifts with noticeable results in my life. I’m thankful to say that I have been able to let go of some deep-seated fears and tap into a higher level of confidence due to my time with Joseph. I am incredibly grateful for his expertise and guidance! I highly recommend Joseph’s skillset to anyone who is looking to connect to their soul’s essence and live an empowered life by opening up to what they are truly capable of.”

Gina Robinson

Megan Wright Australia

Josephs Quantum Consciousness session was a deep journey, filled with interesting imagery and powerful information. I believe these sessions are not for the faint hearted, participants need to be ready to experience all  aspects of themselves, including their higher mind and the depths of the subconscious.

It is Josephs extremely gentle and nurturing energy that makes you feel completely supported and safe.

Joseph leaves no page unturned and provides you with a sense that there is time for all things to be uncovered, healed and transmuted.I would recommend Jo’s sessions to anyone who is not afraid of deep journeying and who is ready to break through old patterns, stories and beliefs. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this work.

Dear Joe,  I wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful en-lightening session a couple of weeks ago.

The session has had a profound impact on me. I am pleased to report that the anxiety has greatly reduced and I have not purchased a single ounce of chocolate. In fact, there has only been two occasions where I have had any at all, and each time was a mere bite size, which felt good to realise my ability to exercise self control.

I want to thank you also for the extra time you took in the induction part of the session. The guidance you gave me helped me to not only explain and further intellectualise intangible feelings, but also to realise the power of my subconscious mind before heading into the session. This prompted me to further trust the process.

... I would like to continue to work together in the future. I will also be an advocate of your work.

Thanks again and see you soon.

Megan Wright

I was lucky enough to have a Quantum Consciousness session with Joseph a few days ago.

It was a truly a profound experience and one that I highly recommend to anyone wanting to explore themselves more deeply and get a great insight into how you can be your own healer and be guided by many aspects of your own self.

The journey was 2.5 hours long where we explored past selves, parallel selves, past life self and non human form self. All of the “selves” I met had great wisdom and guidance for me and me for them. As a result of the healing I feel more empowered, clear and compassionate towards myself and feel aligned with my purpose and goals. It was really profound and incredible experience and one I shall never forget and one I am more the better person for as a result.

Joseph was a wonderful facilitator who made sure I felt safe, comfortable and held throughout the process. His warm guidance was an anchor and a shining light throughout the entire process. His manner is one of deep listening, deep care and passion for the practice and the end result.  I have no hesitation recommending him and the practice.

Emma Kenyon

"Coming into my Quantum Consciousness healing session I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd had no experience with hypnosis before. Joseph very patiently and thoroughly talked me through it all before we began so by the time I laid down I was open and ready for whatever experience I was about to have.

The beginning of the session I was a little rocky as I was finding it difficult to stop my analytical brain from worrying about "doing it right" but Joseph quickly worked me through it. Throughout the session I made contact with several different versions of myself and, by the end, I had received a surprisingly cohesive list of messages, insights and healings from each.

I tried not to set too much of an intention before the session as I didn't want to try to force an outcome from a process I had no idea about, but I can safely say I achieved the intention I would have set if I'd let myself which was fantastic! In the following days I cleared a couple of blockages that I'd been dealing with for a long time and I definitely attribute this to my quantum consciousness healing session. I'm very grateful for the session I did with Joseph and I'd recommend it to anyone who feels drawn to it.

Thank you."

Brendan Ruys

I had the privilege to work with, to heal with, and learn from Joseph on three separate occasions; first on a five week Shamanic Energy Training course, then in a Quantum Consciousness session, and most recently a personalised Soul Plan session.

All of it has been an overwhelmingly positive and sometimes magical experience which I am so grateful for. I can still remember what an amazing feeling it was to really feel my first 'energy ball' and what happened when I had an emotional and transformative moment during the drum journey at the warrior training course. This, and much more, all happened as a result of Joe's ability to create a safe space where you feel truly comfortable, plus his application of a wealth of knowledge and how easily approachable and helpful he is when you have questions or face any difficulties.

The hypnotherapy session really facilitated some powerful realisations. Joe is particularly good at making you feel relaxed, helping you learn how to trust and let go (if you have an overactive mind like me) and the insights that came from deep inside me were profound. He helps to facilitate what is a genuinely positive experiential and deep understanding of your perspective of your place in the world from within a part of yourself that understands you better than anyone, and it was such a beautiful experience.

Charlotte Caldow

The Soul Plan session was transformative, Some of it was so validating and it came with some impressive and influential insights. Joe is very patient, he took the time to really listen and explain my never-ending questions in a way I could fully understand, and his character is just perfect for the work he is doing. The loveliest mixture of warm, kind, professional - a beautiful Soul really - his caring nature shines through. During sessions he is honest, tactful, non-judgemental and made me feel so comfortable - I was able to trust him completely and still do. The healing practices themselves are powerful basically because the level of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table is astounding.

If you are drawn to the treatments that he offers I can only say to you, do it! If you are willing to do some of the work too, then it will change your life for the better and most likely make you a happier person. I can't recommend him enough and I'm so, so grateful for all that he has done for me.

Thanks Joe, you wee legend.