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Dear Embodied Soul & Shamanic Energy Training Community


Just like the Earth and the Sky moves in cycles, so do personal and business relationships.


We have taken the Shamanic Energy Training programme as far as it can go and so to allow us to become the highest expressions of our Souls and our work, we will be creating 2 separate schools and will no longer be using the Shamanic Energy Training Brand.  Also, I will no longer use the Embodied Soul Brand in its current form and there will be ONLY ONE website combining my clinic and school.


With hearts full of love and warm encouragement for each other we would both love to thank every one of you for being a part of our journey and thank you to those that will continue with us on our new paths.

We are both The White Dragon lineage initiates, and we will each work within the same lineage as 2 distinct schools with different expressions of the core lineage values, ethics, integrity and honour.


My new venture will be called Ascension Shamanism.


And finally, to the Spirit of Embodied Soul, we take your lessons and blessings into our new venture, we honour the holding and service that you have given us both, and we let you go with love 🙏.


Infinite love and gratitude to all ❤️


The Path of Power Overview:

What's the best way to work with you?

If you are new to Embodied Soul and would like some guidance on how to move forward, there is a suggested pathway to progress you through the levels to Level 4 - see the diagram.


If you do not know exactly what you wish to work on, then book an intention setting session or use the messenger function on the bottom right to reach out. Also , if you have not experienced a level 2 modality, and need to tell your story or get help setting the intention, there are time add ons that you can apply to make more session time at the point of booking.


Regulars can use the booking page to schedule their usual services - you may wish to look through the updated site to see if there's anything else that suits you ...

Level 1 - Entity Clearing - Everyone will benefit from an entity clearing session, which helps to remove around 120 'entities and attachments' (from over 1000 different types of energy afflictions) that can impact your energy field. This can be done regularly, as needed, depending on your level of risk from exposure to heavier energies.


Level 2 - Family Constellations - After the metaphysical energies have been removed, I recommend a focus on clearing systemic family trauma. This rids us from all those energies, habits, and trauma that are from our lineage.


Level 2 - Hypnotherapy - Whatever, is left after the metaphysical and systemic family energies are dealt with, is your own stuff from childhood or past lives. Level 2 can be done in any order to change how it feels being you, in your body, with your usual emotional state.


Level 3 - Soul Plan - Can be used as a diagnostic process to begin your healing journey and create a strategy for healing.  It is also great to do after you have rid yourself of the heavy energies discussed above.  It helps to establish a greater sense of self, which will help you to pursue and engage in activities which are much more in alinement with your optimal vibration. It helps understand what your soul intended.


Level 4 - Mentoring - Clients that carry a heavy burden from the past or from their ancestry, are often at a loss when they have sufficiently cleared some of their stuff, and find they have missed out on life skills or ideas and learnings to help them move forward. Mentoring sessions can help provide new perspectives, make important decisions, change how you work with and use energy, plus engage with your life or business with more insight, knowledge and mastery.

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