I am so grateful that you have chosen to come here. Embodied Soul is my healing practice, based in Caulfield Victoria, and on this page you will find a general overview of the services I offer. Below that you will find an introduction, plus a list of benefits of each type of session to help with find the right type of outcome for you at this point in your journey.  I have provided plenty of information for those that need it within the individual service pages.   If your method of selection is more instinctual, then please follow your heart to find what you need right now - trust your ability to make the right choice.

An Introduction to Embodied Soul

I believe that we all have a divine essence, a soul, and our bodies act as temporary housing whilst we undertake this human journey.

Our soul is enabled to walk on Mother Earth’s body by virtue of the flesh of our mothers and the sacred miraculous journey of our birth. We came to the Earth in order to learn, grow and evolve.

Earth is a university experience for souls and the subject matter is also evolving to stretch you more as you evolve. All of the lessons and tools we need to complete our soul’s journey are already contained within our bodies and energy fields.

The apparent difficulties and experiences that come with a human body, create the learning environment that enables our soul's wisdom to expand.

The bond we have with Mother Earth is the foundation of our relationship with the divine feminine, and from birth until the age of six we have three key development milestones related to trust, autonomy and initiative.

At the age of one we develop trust in relation to our selves and our environment. If our parents are able to be safe people to be around, as well as loving, and nurturing, we successfully learn how to trust. If this is not possible, this may produce trauma and wounding which will have to be resolved later on in our life.

From age two through five we begin to learn about healthy separation and autonomy by exploring the world on our own, within the permitted bubble of our parents stewardship, periodically coming back to warm, loving affirmations and affection. If we are not permitted to go and explore; or if we feel abandoned to an extreme degree; or made to feel fearful or shameful about our desire to explore the environment; we may not be able to achieve this learning.

Between the ages of four and six, if we manage to achieve a healthy sense of self, we should be able to initiate activities, express our creativity and embrace responsibility; and ideally,  be appreciated for our actions.

Any punishment we receive for independent activity, may result in an experience of guilt.

Self-trust is developed through the validation our parents give to our feelings and responses to life, letting us know that those feelings and responses are real and understandable.

To balance and heal these affects of our past, which are just those of the 1st chakra, we need to address a number of issues to do with birth trauma; trusting others and ourselves; our relationship with our bodies and nature, and our connection to the divine feminine.

Learning to understand our life energy as contained within our energy fields, helps us complete our soul's Journey.

We also created Shamanic Energy Training to help you develop your sensitivity to energy and awaken your intuition.

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Remember why you came here ...













Shamanic work invokes known and safe transcendent spirits to remove  spiritual and spirit intrusions, bring back soul portions, and increase one's personal vitality.

Shamanic Healing helps to remove unhelpful energies of the past. Repairing the areas and threads that are nonfunctional or paradoxical in nature.

Compassionate spirits always have another way around issues, or their own approach to healing challenges ...



A Soul Plan helps you understand the energies that you have incarnated with in this life time. For many it helps to establish a greater sense of self.

A greater sense of self will help you to pursue and engage in activities which are much more in alinement with your optimal vibration.

This puts you in an energetic state that enables you to access greater amounts of energy, since the vibration of the activity is more likely to be in tune, and enhanced by, your Soul's frequency.

Hypnotherapy enables you to change the patterns of the present moment so that you can create a new day to day experience free from the burden many of us carry.

It allows you to change your life in a very short span of time. You literally change the vibration of NOW!

By changing a couple of ingredients, this forces the other vibrations associated with the energy you changed, to adjust as well. It can change the whole fabric of your reality.



  • To understand why you came here
  • To heal from your earlier life and start afresh
  • A renewed sense of purpose
  • Clarity to help you make choices about your life
  • To understand how your Soul shapes your life
  • To understand why things happen the way they do
  • To learn how your frequency produces your life
  • Spiritual counselling to choose a path to follow
  • To shift energy and understand the next steps to take
  • Understanding and Validation about your life
  • To do things more in tune with your soul's purpose
  • To create a healing Plan

Choose Soul Plan if you would like:

  • Bring back Soul Portions
  • Remove unwanted energies from your field and body
  • Remove energetic blocks causing long term illnesses
  • Get a deep energy clearing and Reboot
  • Clear the fog around your head
  • Feel more like yourself and grounded
  • Remove the influence of Spirits and the Deceased
  • Restore Physical and Energetic Vitality
  • Remove and balance the effects of the Past
  • Receive guidance from compassionate beings
  • Get answers to you most profound questions
  • Receive a distance healing on any of the above

Choose Shamanic Healing to:

  • Want to heal and move forward from trauma
  • Want to release  Anxiety & Depression
  • Want to release stuck emotions and trauma
  • Want to change bad habits or release Addictions
  • Want to understand and / or cancel Spiritual contracts
  • Want to speak to your Body and learn how to heal
  • Want to get answers from your Soul or Alternate Selves
  • Want to feel lighter and clearer
  • Want to respond differently to situations
  • Want to explore Past Lives

Choose Hypnosis if you:

  • You sense the family lineage needs healing
  • You want to break toxic family patterns so your children don't inherit them
  • You are being held back by your family's history
  • You want to prevent destructive family patterns passing to your children
  • You want to put your family members back in order
  • You wish to heal deceased ancestors who died still carrying their trauma
  • Your ancestral energy has become toxic and you need to establish boundaries while you heal
  • You are ready to help heal any toxic elements of your ancestry

Choose Ancestral Healing if:

Choose a Transformational Journey if:

  • You would like to transform your life this year
  • You have really big issues to sort out
  • You are dealing with Addictions and Stress
  • You feel you need multiple sessions
  • You are dealing with extreme traumas
  • You want to combine different offerings
  • You want to combine different offerings
  • You want to benefit from discounts for frequent sessions
  • You have many areas of your life to address
  • You want to create a tailored healing Journey
  • You want on going sessions and would like a loyalty discount






When we assist the spirits of the deceased, this helps the living transform intergenerational burdens into ancestral blessings.

We work with our ancestors to understand the hidden energy patterns that still influence our present life. We encourage them to take responsibility for what they have bestowed on us, and set up appropriate boundaries so that we are only influenced by what serves and supports us.

This helps us free ourselves of painful legacies and find more peace and rootedness in our bodies, our families, and our cultures of origin.

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Soul Plan Reading:

Soul Plan Reading

Relationship Soul Plan

Soul Plan Business Names

Remember Why you came here: understand how your soul's frequency creates your life.  Learn what your soul has set up for you to master in this lifetime. Discover the soul destiny that results from life mastery. Learn how to manage discordant energies in your Relationships. Find out if your Business Name supports your growth.


Remember why you came here: clear childhood or past life energies which mask your natural frequency. Remove the energy that supports bad habits, undesired behaviours, and emotional traumas. Find out who you were before this life. Tap into Quantum versions of you that have answers to your questions.


Quantum Consciousness Experience

Past Life Journeys


Healing to remove spiritual energies, intrusions, and spirit influence to restore spiritual vitality, and assist with physical and emotional wellbeing.  Shamanic Energy Training will teach you how to navigate non ordinary reality in a safe and grounded programme.  Shamanic Journeying will help get answers from your spirit team.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Journeying