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Family Constellations Foundation, Family Constellations PTY LTD November 2018

Advanced Diploma of MindEnergetix, MindEnergetix Institute Australia July 2018

Geomancy Practitioner Course, All About Earth, taught by Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka, Geomancy Australia Feb 2018

3-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism, Healing, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA completed Oct 2017

The Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitator Training, Institute of Quantum Consciousness, May-2016 Australia

Hypnoenergetics for Past Life, Institute of Hypnoenergetics, Mar-2016 Australia

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy / Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics, Institute of Hypnoenergetics, Oct-2015  Australia

Shamanic Extraction Healing Training, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct 2014, Feb 2015 Bali

Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond - Psychopomp, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct 2014, Feb 2015  Bali

Power Soul Retrieval, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct 2014, Feb 2015  Bali

Shamanic Dreamwork, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct-2014 Bali

Shamanic Divination Training, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct-2014  Bali

Shamanism & the Spirits of Nature, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct-2014 Bali

Advanced Shamanic Divination , The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Feb-2015  Bali

Shamanic Training in Creativity, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Feb-2015  Bali

Certificate of Hypnosis, Institute of Hypnoenergetics, Nov-2014 Australia

Advanced Soul Plan Reading, Holistic Healing College, Nov-2014 UK

Soul Plan Reading, Holistic Healing College, Sep-2014 UK

Plant Dieta and Shamanic Healing Techniques, Amazon Jungle Peru, 2013

Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, The Happiness Centre UK, 2012

Qi Gong, Korean system, Brain Respiration Centre, 2003 – 2010 UK

Practical Philosophy Course, School of Economic Science, UK for 21 years – from 1990 until 2012

Master Practitioner Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Jun-2007 UK

The Intermediate Certificate in Contemporary Psychotherapy, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Jun-2007

Wider Mind: Principles and Practices of Ericksonian Hypno-Pschotherapy, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Oct-2006

Foundation Skills of Contemporary Pscychotherapy, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Mar-2006

Practitioner Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Mar-2006

Bachelor of Science (hons): Industrial & Business Systems, De Montfort University, Jun-1991 UK

Qualifications & Courses

About Joseph Callender

I call upon my oversoul self to merge with me, guide me, and assist me in declaring, embodying, and enacting total sovereignty of my being in this and every now moment, in alignment with my I Am Presence and in accordance with my chosen purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime.

I call upon the elemental, angelic, cosmic, and ancestral realms to witness my declaration, to assist in upholding the integrity of its intention, and to co-create with me in manifesting my highest potentials personally, in unity with source consciousness, and in service to Earth, as we graduate to our next level of evolution.

In declaring my full sovereignty and with the guidance of my higher self and I am presence, I assert autonomy over my physical and nonphysical embodiment, my energetic vibration, and all resulting emanations. I disallow any interference to distort or delay the fulfilment of my purpose in this lifetime—whether that interference be well-meaning, misguided, self-interested, or malevolent. This includes any and all overt and covert intentions, attempts, and actions to limit, separate, distract, manipulate, disempower, traumatise, dominate, control, or harvest any aspect or increment of my energy and consciousness.

I reject and eject any such interference, demanding that it cease and desist immediately and retroactively, including any trickery designed to countermand, usurp, or sidestep the intention of this declaration.

In making this declaration, I acknowledge and accept full responsibility for my being and actions. I request overt guidance and assistance from my higher self and I am presence, which I in no way consider to be interference. I commit to both hearing and enacting that guidance, and in turn to listening to and guiding the elemental consciousness that contributes to my personal collective consciousness this lifetime.

To the extent that I may be unable or unwilling to hear and enact the guidance of my higher self or I am presence, I request that the guidance continue to be given in various ways such that I can understand and act on it and until I am able to understand and act on it.

In full sovereignty, I also request and accept additional energetic assistance of my guides; my soul, human, and ancestral families; the elemental, angelic, and cosmic realms, and any other sources, provided that it accords with this declaration and is in my highest good; the highest good of Earth and her children; and in accordance with my purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime.

I choose to heal all fear, trauma, and limitation standing in the way of my fulfilling my highest potential and purpose in this lifetime. I ask that my higher self and I am presence, in co-creation with the elemental, angelic, cosmic, and ancestral realms, assist me in healing, transmuting, and transcending all fear, limitation, separation, and amnesia preventing me from embodying my full, integrated sacred masculine and sacred feminine power, love, and wisdom. I ask that my higher self and I am presence direct my healing such that I embody and offer the optimal vibration in any circumstance; that I manifest optimal health and wholeness in and through my physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies; that I fluidly evolve according to my path and purpose; that I awaken to and regain all the memories and gifts held in my causal body; that I function with energy, clarity, balance, effectiveness, and efficiency in the changing energetics of Earth; that I integrate the healing, its lessons, and its energy in the most beneficial way possible; and that all this unfolds at the most conducive yet expeditious pace possible.

I intend that in healing myself in this now moment, I heal other aspects of myself across time and space, as well as splintered aspects of other consciousness trapped in time who, through the Quantum effect, will attain the freedom to return to where they belong, to heal, and to contribute to the unity we seek to co-create in order to graduate from this plane and take our next evolutionary steps.

I offer healing, compassion, and forgiveness wherever it is needed or wanted to free all aspects of consciousness, including my own, to allow all to return to its natural order in wholeness and unity.

And so it is.


Embodied Soul is a healing clinic in Brighton Victoria that offers a number of shamanic and therapeutic healing therapies.

It is run by Joseph Callender who is certified in a number of disciplines including: Family Constellations, Clinical Hypnotherapy, MindEnergetix, Hypnoenergetics, Past Life Regression, and Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitation. He is an NLP Master Practitioner, plus trained in Ericksonian based Psychotherapy, Advanced Soul Plan Reading and Core and Celtic Shamanic Healing.

Joseph creates grounded healing spaces that facilitate mind, heart and Soul coherence and has spent the past 30 or so years undergoing initiations in a variety of spiritual and shamanic systems (including various plant medicine initiations).

Joseph is a co-founder and director of a shamanic mystery school called Shamanic Energy Training, which offers shamanic workshops, Qi Gong classes and experiential retreats to help participants awaken their intuition and psychic abilities in a safe and grounded way, whilst staying energised and vital so they do not burn out.

For 21 years he participated as a student of practical philosophy where he learned to apply ancient wisdom contained in classical eastern scripture, and western classics, to everyday situations. Much of that time was spent in meditation, studying Sanskrit scripture, and observing patterns of change in people and the zeitgeist.

Joseph is a perpetual student and is constantly evolving his classes and healing practice. In his clinic, he facilitates spaces that enable people to shed the baggage of the past, comeback home to themselves and feel 'normal' again.  He holds a safe and powerful healing energy.  Born and raised in Great Britain, Joseph has a varied lineage of French-Native American, St Lucian, Barbadian, Trinidadian, Montserratian.

"My personal experiences have proven to me that no one is broken, or incapable of change or new learnings, or irreparably damaged, or a victim.  I had previously held this notion as theory and now I truely believe it.

My awareness of the human condition equip me to hold an empowering attitude and a loving clinic space. I realise that we all have access to an infinite source of capability and healing and can find our own answers if facilitated in a manner that lets us discover them for ourselves.

This website caters for those who need to have lots of information to be able to choose, and those who go by instinct and feeling.  If you like the vibe, or something resonates and you would like to discuss possible healing journeys, please call me on 0499619244,

Much Love to you,"


Soul Plan Reading:

Soul Plan Reading

Relationship Soul Plan

Soul Plan Business Names

Remember Why you came here: understand how your soul's frequency creates your life.  Learn what your soul has set up for you to master in this lifetime. Discover the soul destiny that results from life mastery. Learn how to manage discordant energies in your Relationships. Find out if your Business Name supports your growth.


Remember why you came here: clear childhood or past life energies which mask your natural frequency. Remove the energy that supports bad habits, undesired behaviours, and emotional traumas. Find out who you were before this life. Tap into Quantum versions of you that have answers to your questions.


Quantum Consciousness Experience

Past Life Journeys


Healing to remove spiritual energies, intrusions, and spirit influence to restore spiritual vitality, and assist with physical and emotional wellbeing.  Shamanic Energy Training will teach you how to navigate non ordinary reality in a safe and grounded programme.  Shamanic Journeying will help get answers from your spirit team.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Journeying