I believe we are embodied souls seeking a human experience and it is possible to connect more fully to our soul energies for healing, understanding and insight. Understanding the human experiences we originally chose, can help align us to our soul’s original purpose. When we rid ourselves of the effects of our trauma, we become more in tune with our soul’s essence, and connect more fully to our humanity – we learn to become more human - this is why I believe you set up this life ...


All of our experiences create a corresponding physical chemistry inside the body to the extent that many believe there is a direct correlation between the energy of the experience and the resulting physiology.   We may carry a myriad of stuck energies in our bodies:

  • The energies of unexpressed or unprocessed emotions and feelings
  • Recurring negative self talk
  • Trauma, unprocessed impactful events and shocks

These “energised” events can be extremely potent when experienced as a very young child, or when in the womb, when one does not have an ability to process the emotion. Indigenous shamanic cultures believe that stagnant energies that are trapped in the body are the route cause of many emotional and physical symptoms and many modern modalities target “energy” for the same reason.

Our use of language has changed and is a far cry from its original purer expressions.  Modern language has a much reduced capacity to capture and hold our experience and now has much more impure vibrations which our body and minds now have to reconcile.

I studied Sanskrit for 3 years and was taught that language used to more fully describe reality. There used to be little difference between what was experienced and the words used to capture that experience. What we spoke could reproduce what was experienced and the language was more generative than it is now. 

Also, modern teaching practices rarely equip us with full vocabularies, and our modern life styles can also have a limited base of experiences - and may not provide enough experiential range to enable a person to fully codify, register, process or conceptualise what is happening.


This is easier to understand in young children, who generally haven’t yet developed the faculties to comprehend, articulate and process what they are experiencing; and therefore have little to no resources to dissipate the energies they are exposed to – so they remain stuck in the body.  Something like that is happening to all of us by virtue of the language we have at our disposal.

Interestingly, groups and cultures tend to develop their own norms of speaking about or describing their experiences in the world. In fact, they can adopt a particularly limited vocabulary or habitual way of speaking - limiting their expression to a reduced set of descriptors, which again might impair their ability to fully encapsulate, comprehend or express what they are experiencing. Culture can be thought of as a collective agreement and set of conventions to derive the same meaning out of things and situations. 

This has been popularised and glamorised by edutainment movies like: “what the bleep” or children’s cartoons like “Inside out”.

We can also inherit the chemistry of our mother’s experiences that she has whilst we are in the womb.  These womb experiences are virtually impossible to access by our normal every day conscious mind, so one would not likely know that such energies are being carried.

It is also possible that our genes are carrying energenetic impressions from ancestors or indeed energetic imprints from previous or parallel incarnations.

The science of epigenetics shows that experiences are passed down through generations and can alter how genes are expressed.  We have been impacted by the experiences of our ancestors and our own experiences also modify our genes to the degree that they can produce healthy or unhealthy affects.

We tacitly agree collectively to adhere to the same concepts and principles and our education enforces this programming. This type of predefined meaning does not necessarily fit everyone.  The limits on language and meaning and their effects on perception can be demonstrated by a simple example.  The tables below (showing pleasant and unpleasant feelings) provide a list of labels for a whole range of experiences that are often reduced to more common statements like depressed, angry, sad, good, or fine.

When the tables have been shown to people expressing emotions, there is demonstrably more contentment in finding a word that more closely resembles the sensations they are experiencing.

Being able to encapsulate our experiences fully with language helps us to resolve our feelings and helps to dissipate the energies which may otherwise remain stuck in the body.

All of these energies add an additional vibration to the being, sometimes in dissonance to our natural soul frequency.  This combined frequency resonates with similar vibrations being carried by others and can trigger negative reactions in certain circumstances or can attract situations that carry a similar frequency.  

Our body may get used to, and crave, the chemicals that it has been accustomed to experiencing since we were a foetus.  We can also become addicted to the chemical signatures of our own habitual experiences and dramas.

This may also result in a cyclical pattern where the body’s energy is attracting situations to itself to experience over and over again the same chemicals that it craves.  This can make it difficult to break negative patterns.

Our senses are the primary channels of our perception.  It is through our senses that we come into contact with our environment and receive impressions from it.  Each channel responds to different modes of stimuli – eyes respond to light energy, ears mechanical energy, taste and smell respond to chemicals and Skin responds to mechanical energies of pressure, temperature and pain.

All of these stimuli are translated, through a network or receptors and neurons, into electrical signals so that the brain can build a model of what is going on inside and outside the body.  Our sensory apparatus is highly efficient and the brain can process millions of signals at any moment in time.


Our conscious perception on the other hand, uses a much more focused and vastly reduced data set.  At any moment in time our conscious mind focuses on 7 (plus or minus 2) bits of “information”.

Our personality, upbringing and interests will influence how events get focus, indexed and filed away as memory.

We also have a preference for some channels over others.  Some are visual, etc.  When was the last time your recalled your journey to work by remembering everything you smelt?

We tend to filter our experiences through to our favourite or habitual channels of perception and ignore the rest of the stimuli coming from the other non preferred senses.


For the past 30 years I have worked on developing different aspects of my skillset, character, spirit and being.  

I have a background as an IT sales professional - where I helped Corporate Companies simplify complex IT system concepts and work out how to incorporate new systems to achieve new business outcomes.

Today, I run a practice as a therapist, coach and shamanic healer. I hold a non judgemental space for individuals and groups that helps them make the necessary adjustments, or shift the trauma and stuck energies of the past, so that they can take decisive action or  make clear appropriate decisions. I facilitate mind body heart coherence and help build structure.

For 21 years I participated as a student of practical philosophy where I learned to apply ancient wisdom contained in classical eastern scripture, and western classics, to my everyday existence. Much of that time was spent in Men'‍‍‍s groups discussing and observing patterns of change in people and the zeitgeist.

I’ve been fortunate enough to study NLP combined with Milton Ericksonian psychotherapeutic principles, up to master practitioner level. ‍‍

I've coached clients to help them make decisions to create new outcomes or healing strategies for themselves.

I facilitate energy training classes which I’ve participated in for 12 years and have taught class for the last few.

I help reconnect people with their Soul Blueprint, and am a practitioner of various shamanic modalities for healing, insight, and general well being.

My life partner also runs a successful healing practice, and together we have created a shamanic training school called Shamanic Energy Training. I also assist in coaching   hypnotherapy students.

Should you wish to combine therapy with participation in our classes and workshops, plus would like to spread the cost with a suitable payment plan, then feel free to call me on 0499619244 to discuss a suitable plan.

If you ask me the best place to start, I would say - a Soul Plan is one of the best diagnostic tools to help you plan your healing journey.  Below you will find some background concepts which may help you understand aspects of my work ...




Fortunately, the unconscious mind stores so much more information.  Including all the sensory bits we filtered out.  Which means that all of the data is there to be accessed.

The unconscious mind provides a doorway to all of our experiences and can open up opportunities to fully access all of the raw unfiltered sense information and provide new perspectives and insights to help identify and release unhelpful beliefs and stuck energies that are no longer serving us or that have created behaviours that are not useful for achieving our desired outcomes.


Perhaps you can recognise divinity in nature, in humanity or in animals. But if you are like the majority, you may have lost the habit of connecting to the divine in all things; from the shoes on your feet to the chair you sit on or the buildings you occupy.

We are of, from and part of divinity.  A life that does not remember this, perpetuates the cycle of depression, and can become shallow and without substance.

There are few reminders of one’s connection to divinity in modern lifestyles, and this concept seems to have been monopolised by religion and the media or the so called “Spiritual” communities – many of which have lost their connection to the divine and have replaced real practice with something much less and more akin to an elite or exclusive social scene, with strict dress codes, and prescriptive eating habits or behavioural ethics.

Religion and the New Age culture, both seem to have hijacked the Spiritual narrative, and turned it, for some, into uninspiring dogma which no longer holds the capacity to nourish and nurture.

So younger generations have no reference points to divinity, other than drug induced altered states, at festivals, or dangerous parties, which tend to be experienced out of ceremony and lacking appropriate reverence, context or grace. The result is that most people do not experience the awe of creation or the connection to the divine in everything and no longer infuse their activities with love and praise of the infinite.

It is my belief that it is divinity that provides the substance that nourishes life.  When we are inspired, uplifted and fulfilled, we have been fortunate enough to have experienced some aspect of creation which still holds a divine frequency.  I truly believe it is possible to tune the mind to the frequency of divinity and it may be as easy as remembering that divinity is the source of that thing you are experiencing.

There are degrees of this connection and for some it is enough to sense and feel the frequency of love whilst you carry out some activity.  For others that want to take this further, we can work out how to help you to find your way back to your source.

If this resonates let’s make the journey home together ...

Divinity in everyday existence

Family Constellations Foundation, Family Constellations PTY LTD November 2018

Advanced Diploma of MindEnergetix, MindEnergetix Institute Australia July 2018

Geomancy Practitioner Course, All About Earth, taught by Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka, Geomancy Australia Feb 2018

3-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism, Healing, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA completed Oct 2017

The Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitator Training, Institute of Quantum Consciousness, May-2016 Australia

Hypnoenergetics for Past Life, Institute of Hypnoenergetics, Mar-2016 Australia

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy / Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics, Institute of Hypnoenergetics, Oct-2015  Australia

Shamanic Extraction Healing Training, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct 2014, Feb 2015 Bali

Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond - Psychopomp, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct 2014, Feb 2015  Bali

Power Soul Retrieval, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct 2014, Feb 2015  Bali

Shamanic Dreamwork, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct-2014 Bali

Shamanic Divination Training, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct-2014  Bali

Shamanism & the Spirits of Nature, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct-2014 Bali

Advanced Shamanic Divination , The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Feb-2015  Bali

Shamanic Training in Creativity, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Feb-2015  Bali

Certificate of Hypnosis, Institute of Hypnoenergetics, Nov-2014 Australia

Advanced Soul Plan Reading, Holistic Healing College, Nov-2014 UK

Soul Plan Reading, Holistic Healing College, Sep-2014 UK

Plant Dieta and Shamanic Healing Techniques, Amazon Jungle Peru, 2013

Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, The Happiness Centre UK, 2012

Qi Gong, Korean system, Brain Respiration Centre, 2003 – 2010 UK

Practical Philosophy Course, School of Economic Science, UK for 21 years – from 1990 until 2012

Master Practitioner Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Jun-2007 UK

The Intermediate Certificate in Contemporary Psychotherapy, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Jun-2007

Wider Mind: Principles and Practices of Ericksonian Hypno-Pschotherapy, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Oct-2006

Foundation Skills of Contemporary Pscychotherapy, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Mar-2006

Practitioner Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Mar-2006

Bachelor of Science (hons): Industrial & Business Systems, De Montfort University, Jun-1991 UK

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Clear stuck or unhelpful energies which mask your natural frequency.  Remove the energy that supports bad habits, undesired behaviours, and emotional traumas.  Tap into versions of you that have answers to your questions.  Find out who you were before this life.  Remember why you came here ...


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I call upon my oversoul self to merge with me, guide me, and assist me in declaring, embodying, and enacting total sovereignty of my being in this and every now moment, in alignment with my I Am Presence and in accordance with my chosen purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime.

I call upon the elemental, angelic, cosmic, and ancestral realms to witness my declaration, to assist in upholding the integrity of its intention, and to co-create with me in manifesting my highest potentials personally, in unity with source consciousness, and in service to Earth, as we graduate to our next level of evolution.

In declaring my full sovereignty and with the guidance of my higher self and I am presence, I assert autonomy over my physical and nonphysical embodiment, my energetic vibration, and all resulting emanations. I disallow any interference to distort or delay the fulfilment of my purpose in this lifetime—whether that interference be well-meaning, misguided, self-interested, or malevolent. This includes any and all overt and covert intentions, attempts, and actions to limit, separate, distract, manipulate, disempower, traumatise, dominate, control, or harvest any aspect or increment of my energy and consciousness.

I reject and eject any such interference, demanding that it cease and desist immediately and retroactively, including any trickery designed to countermand, usurp, or sidestep the intention of this declaration.

In making this declaration, I acknowledge and accept full responsibility for my being and actions. I request overt guidance and assistance from my higher self and I am presence, which I in no way consider to be interference. I commit to both hearing and enacting that guidance, and in turn to listening to and guiding the elemental consciousness that contributes to my personal collective consciousness this lifetime.

To the extent that I may be unable or unwilling to hear and enact the guidance of my higher self or I am presence, I request that the guidance continue to be given in various ways such that I can understand and act on it and until I am able to understand and act on it.

In full sovereignty, I also request and accept additional energetic assistance of my guides; my soul, human, and ancestral families; the elemental, angelic, and cosmic realms, and any other sources, provided that it accords with this declaration and is in my highest good; the highest good of Earth and her children; and in accordance with my purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime.

I choose to heal all fear, trauma, and limitation standing in the way of my fulfilling my highest potential and purpose in this lifetime. I ask that my higher self and I am presence, in co-creation with the elemental, angelic, cosmic, and ancestral realms, assist me in healing, transmuting, and transcending all fear, limitation, separation, and amnesia preventing me from embodying my full, integrated sacred masculine and sacred feminine power, love, and wisdom. I ask that my higher self and I am presence direct my healing such that I embody and offer the optimal vibration in any circumstance; that I manifest optimal health and wholeness in and through my physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies; that I fluidly evolve according to my path and purpose; that I awaken to and regain all the memories and gifts held in my causal body; that I function with energy, clarity, balance, effectiveness, and efficiency in the changing energetics of Earth; that I integrate the healing, its lessons, and its energy in the most beneficial way possible; and that all this unfolds at the most conducive yet expeditious pace possible.

I intend that in healing myself in this now moment, I heal other aspects of myself across time and space, as well as splintered aspects of other consciousness trapped in time who, through the Quantum effect, will attain the freedom to return to where they belong, to heal, and to contribute to the unity we seek to co-create in order to graduate from this plane and take our next evolutionary steps.

I offer healing, compassion, and forgiveness wherever it is needed or wanted to free all aspects of consciousness, including my own, to allow all to return to its natural order in wholeness and unity.

And so it is.



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