For those who wish to explore.

A Quantum Consciousness Experience (QCE) is a guided non-ordinary reality tour into your individual personal universe.  Much like a Past Life journey, it can have similar uplifting effects, like a deep relaxation and meditation session,  and can be quite insightful.  You will certainly gain a new perspective on your personal issues and situation in this life, and you will feel incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of the session.  Find out more about the Journey  here  ...

For those ‍‍‍who wish to evolve, transform or become more yourself.

QCE enables you to gain insight, wisdom, healing and a different perspective on every day issues, or your wildest and deepest existential questions.  If you have made life changing choices and wondered what life would be like if you had chosen differently, then this is the type of session that may provide those answers.  It can be like having a pep talk or reality check from another aspect of yourself.

Meditation and relaxation before your session can assist your ability to relax deeply and let go during the session.  Try to remain open minded and let us‍‍‍ know if there are any concerns, doubts and fears that you may have regarding the session. There is nothing to worry about as you are alway‍‍‍s in control and can return to full waking consciousness whenever you choose.

How to Prepare ‍‍‍for a QC‍‍‍E


“The Creator Effect” embraces the concept that we can create anything we desire through our intention. This concept has origination in the Quantum principle of “The Observer Effect”. This experimentally proved theory states that we affect an outcome just by observing an event, it encapsulates the power of intention and confirms we are the masters of our own destiny.

“Intanglement” ‍‍‍embraces the concept of oneness, that we are all part of the energy of the universe and that some particles are more entangled than others. When we turn the Qu‍‍‍antum principle of “Entanglement” internally into our own personal universe, we can seek and find our other selves. We who live in a timeless space of all ages, all alternate realities, parallel lives and our pure soul state. All are held within our personal universe.

“Everywhereness” works on the Quantum principle of “Non locality”, that electrons can be in more than one place at one time, in fact they are everywhere at once in their awareness that they exist as probabilities until observed. We exist in all dimensions at the same time, beyond though including all linear time zones.  We can visit these places to find the healing and wisdom that serves the greater being that we are.

“Holographic Healing” works on the Quantum principle that we live in a “holographic universe”. A universe in which the large and the small are the same and that the smallest piece contains all. This simply means that any wisdom we uncover from our other selves, any healing we undertake can then send an evolving wave of higher consciousness rippling out into the fabric of the cosmos to serve the universe itself. Our personal universe is simply a holographic subset of all there is.




For those that need the background and science.

Consciousness Researchers tell us that we are an energy that shifts, changes and travels unbound by time and space. Quantum Scientists tell us that we are energy, consisting of subatomic particles, and that the entire universe is our home. Both are right, we are Quantum Consciousness. We are a window to a dynamic and unfolding universal journey. Simply put, we are a human portal waiting to be released into the fabric of the cosmos itself. The purpose of this method is to help people “Remember”. To remember that we are part of creation, part of a greater energy and remembering this through our own personal experience is all it takes to change a life.

This ‘Modality’ was created by an Australian called Peter Smith who was also one of the founders of Hypnoenergetics and has been president of the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives since 2009.  The videos below show Peter providing an introduction to this work.

For those that like to hear reasons to have a QCE.

You have done a lot of work on yourself, thus far, and want a change from therapy; or you realise that you are a multidimensional being and want to connect to more of who you are, and open up gateways for further experiences with all that you are...

If this sounds like you, then there is perhaps a good fit.  

Also, those of you that have experienc‍‍‍ed altered states or have had other types of non-ordinary reality experiences, like those achieved in drumming circles, cacao ceremonies or with entheogens, and would like to experience a safe expansive alternative where you prove to yourself that you have everything you need within you.

Then you may also resonate very well with this frequency.


QCE can be used to facilitate connecting to other aspects of yourself that have lived a completely different set of experiences from those you have had in this current incarnation.  You can often open up the possibility to make an on going energy exchange for the mutual benefit and upliftment of yourselves and the universe as a whole.

The idea is to leave all aspects of you in a higher vibration than you may have initially experienced them, which will have a knock on effect to all who experience you and your other selves, after the experience.

We are concerned here with the raising of consciousness of the whole universe, one multidimensional  being at a time.  I would wish this experience for everyone.

You may just wish to understand more about yourself and why you are here.

A QCE Session typically takes up to 2 – 3 hours and it is prudent to allow up to 3.5  hours. 

‍‍‍It’s useful to take time after a session to integrat‍‍‍e your experience.  Allow yourself the time, without needing to return to work or undertake any busy activities afterwards. Quiet time to reflect is recommended if at all possible.  It is also advised to drink less caffeine before the session.

A digital recording will be made of the session for you to relive and explore further

What to‍‍‍ ‍‍‍Expect




There are few opportunities where you get to experience yourself as a multidimensional being and connect to those other aspects of you in different timelines, dimensions or para‍‍‍llel existences.

The Quantum Consciousness Experience is one of those experiences and is often one of the highest vibrational, loving and sacred spaces I have the good fortune to facilitate. This is a very expansive experience for most people and is as shamanic as it is therapeutic.

For those that are ready, it can open you up to connecting to more aspects of yourself and enable you to learn and gain wisdom, and healing, from other versions of oneself ...


The Quantum Consciousness journey starts with reminding us that we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. This knowing changes the Present Consciousness and you are guided to expand beyond time and space, through different states of awareness; giving you an opportunity to heal and explore other aspects of yourself in your unique personal universe.

Our Stored Consciousness holds all the experiences in this lifetime, even those we are yet to have, and we ask these aspects of ourselves, anywhere along this current timeline to come forward to share wisdom or healing.

We then travel through the realm of our Alternate Consciousness, where perhaps important decisions created a replication of you in an alternate reality.  We meet and share time with these alternates who offer you their perspective of what it was like to make a different decision, than the one you made; and explore the resulting life experience.

Next we move through your Parallel Consciousness, where you discover what it is like to exist in other bodies on this earth in another period of Earth’s history.  Again we make exchanges that leave all aspects of you in a higher vib‍‍‍ration.

Then we visit our Interdimensional Consciousness where we experience the knowing of being in other life forms or dimensions, again for a similar exchange of energy.

Finally you embrace your Eternal Consciousness and pause to experience that transformational energy before blending with the Fabric of the Cosmos itself.

5 Principles of Quantum Consciousness




Download: QCE Case Study Example

Video Explaining Quantum Consciousn‍‍‍ess?

Video Quantum Consciousness Nexus Talk









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