Joseph Callender, June 1 2018

The energy you hold shapes your moment by moment experiences

I started playing with this idea after having been 'triggered' whilst reading a post to a group, where the poster complained about having to interact with people who, in their judgement, hadn't yet ‘woken up’. That opinion obviously said more about that person than those to which they referred.

Whenever I hear or see descriptions of other people, I'm always reminded of the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is our lens that sets the tone for our experience. We are seeing our world through the lens of our beliefs and attitudes.

Most people who express their opinion of another in this way are usually holding a fixed emotional attitude which is colouring their perspective of the other person. The energy of the attitude or the perspective is being overlaid onto the act of seeing, so that the description becomes something that is added to the person, rather than something that is observed in the person.

When I was studying the sanskrit term for adjective, which is viśeṣaṇa. I understood the grammatical sense as a ‘qualification’. However, the literal and philosophical sense of the word was more akin to ’expand the remainder’. What this means is to expand the essence coming from the thing. So when we see a beautiful person, we are actually noting the essence of beauty emanating from the person. Obviously, we can also project qualities on to the things we observe.

The real gift of this realisation is understanding the effect of holding a position or attitude and attracting or manifesting the thing we hold in mind. For example, if we are relating to a person and we hold the idea that they are troublesome or worrisome or just plain annoying - what will we be holding space for?

However, if we hold space for them to expand a different quality we might just enable them to express that aspect of themselves within our energy space. Where the mind goes, energy follows!!!!!!

This is extremely important if you are a therapist. Imagine the effect of holding the notion of your clients as being broken, or incapable, or stupid?

What would you in fact be holding space for them to manifest in your presence?

Compare that to holding the notion that they have everything they need at their disposal to change the course of their situation, and view them with that idea and attitude.

If I hold the idea that you are broken then that sets the limit of my sphere of experience so I might therefore miss the opportunity for you to display your magnificence and brilliance in my presence - what a missed opportunity ....

This is actually one of the attitudes that make holding space in a Quantum Healing session so beautiful. In a Quantum session, you are always holding space from a position of empowerment and you get to watch the client find all their own answers.

What do you think you hold space for - moment by moment because of the beliefs and attitudes you hold?

Most people recognise they can change their attitudes, but not so many understand this for the beliefs they hold. Neither do they give themselves the time to examine either.

I’m proposing that the poster observing the sleeping masses is setting themselves up for that experience.

We create sub-optimal worldly experiences and interactions when we criticise people for preferring things that we might regard as being less than our ideals and values. Or if we judge them because we feel their, knowledge, aptitudes, faculties and level of awareness seem less developed than others.

What we are actually doing is more akin to expanding an energy that we ourselves are holding, and this becomes the filter of our experiences.

If I hold an energy that lets me adopt an attitude of empowerment, compassion, or gratitude, that co-creates a space that is filled with a finer vibration and the universe responds in kind, then that vibration draws out a commensurate experience.

This does not mean we will not ever experience a bad situation. These may have been set up by our soul to provide a particular learning. However, genuinely bad experiences provide the opportunity to expand other possibilities to help us cope - or not.

We can hold space for ourselves to create the best outcome for the situations we find ourselves in. Plus, we can just take stock of the version of the world we find ourselves in and notice the energies we are expanding in our co-creations.

I look forward to co-creating a magical world with you all …

Written by

Joseph Callender

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