Joseph Callender, June 1 2018

How the energy of the Soul shapes our Future...

Our Soul is a fractal point within an extensive and elaborate fractal design, which reproduces itself within the macro and the minutiae of our existence. Some believe that the soul spans multiple dimensions. Within this earth bound realty, we experience an aspect of our Soul fractal through the lens of our existence on 3D/4D/5D Earth. Everything we do is governed by this Soul fractal energy. Even down to the colour or style of clothing we choose to wear and the food we eat. Even the Ego holds the soul energy patterns. Your Soul is literally living itself out through you!

Anytime we seek guidance about our ‘paths’, we are trying to understand how our fractal energy unfolds or wraps around this segment of reality, so that we can figure out how the unfolding of this energy becomes our future direction.

As we increase our vibration and progress through the dimensions, our fractal segments become larger and we incorporate more of our Soul into the moment to moment framework of our lives. 

In relationship, when two vibrations share the same space, as with music, those vibrations modify each other and the result is either harmony or discord. Your child, or partner actually takes on an aspect of your frequency. A part of you is vibrationally taken in by other people, which is how you propagate your own vibration.

The soul fractal also contains obstacles and trials for you, even those we label as negative, which are in fact exercises designed to assist you to recognize your Soul’s frequency. You have to figure out the negativity and if you succeed, you come out holding a valuable treasure of experience, from which you can determine where your Soul is going next. It’s like the gamification of life – accomplish tasks and move onto the next levels. It changes your perception of things if you believe the Soul does not make mistakes.

If we are lucky, we notice the small chunks of information given at any one time, which reveal aspects of our path. The point is we are always on the right path, but our ignorance of the "Plan" for this reality, causes many of us much anguish and stress. If you understood the importance of the lesson that your soul wanted you to realise, then that takes the edge of some of the hardships or challenges. You then flip from victim to student, which is a much more empowering state of being.

Deciphering the soul energies that you (your soul) have gifted yourself in this reality to experience, allows you to see how your Soul’s energy relates to everything that you are doing or that happens to you. This helps you find easier alignment to things. Plus, it helps you to understand why you feel compelled or passionate in many areas of your life. If you don’t understand why you do some of the things you like to do, you are probably yoresonating with you Soul's natural vibration. Those things or events that make you feel “right” or “connected”, are tools or situations to enable you to recognize when you have attuned your awareness to your Soul's fractal energy.

If you can understand the energies that you have incarnated with, this provides you with a greater sense of self. With a greater sense of self, you pursue those activities which are much more in tune with your optimal vibration. This is like following your joy, which always results in you receiving greater amounts of energy. Since the vibration of the activity is more likely to be in tune with, and therefore enhanced by, the frequency of your Soul, rather than being in discordance or disharmony with your natural frequency.

That energy of sense of self, is literally the spending power in manifestation. When you have access to more of yourself, you gain a greater propensity to create by means of your own choices. You get to create from your Soul's frequency.

Why is a Soul Plan Reading useful?

Understanding your Soul's Plan enables you to understand how your Soul energy shapes and effects your future. It also shows you how you effect or are affected by other people – which in many ways, is how you create your reality. Plus it will provide solutions to bring discordant energies back into balance.

You can find out more information on deciphering your Soul's frequency by visiting: SOUL PLAN

Written by

Joseph Callender

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