Joseph Callender, June 1 2018

The Energy of Gratitude

Being grateful is like sending a huge THANK YOU!!!! to the Universe.

Practicing immersing ourselves in the energy of gratitude enables us to focus on the things that are going well in our lives rather than what’s gone wrong. By giving praise, appreciation and thanks, we increase the energy that gives birth to more positive experiences.

On Hawkin’s scale of consciousness (see picture) Gratitude would be represented as far up as 900 when done properly and for longer periods of time.Gratitude is above Joy because in order to feel grateful you need to feel contentment which is a joyful state of being. Contentment is regarded by the Dalai Lama as the key ingredient for inner happiness. Gratitude is one of the main ingredients for happiness. People who consistently practice gratitude report such benefits as decreased feelings of isolation and depression, to lowered blood pressure and increased immunity.

People who consistently feel grateful about their life experience more joy, optimism and feelings of inclusion.

People who consistently feel grateful about their life and circumstances—rather than fearful or victimised—experience more joy, optimism and feelings of inclusion. They tend to be more generous, compassionate and empathetic. Giving thanks helps you see the value and opportunities buried in adversity. You may have lost your job, but it gave you more time to write that song or novel you’ve been wanting time to create for years, or time to change direction and learn new skills.Expressing gratitude fuels the energy that opens your life to endless cosmic resources for manifesting. Suddenly, you find more things to be happy about, you notice more doors open to opportunity and you become a magnet for positive people and experiences.

Feeling grateful for something, means you have accepted its existence. Something you have accepted circulates, rather than lies stagnant, within and around you. When you release and circulate anything, it doesn’t affect you as strongly and you can see it clearly. On the other hand, when you hold onto or resist a particular circumstance or emotion, you can become consumed by its energy. Constantly immersing yourself in those energies will eventually make them become an integral part of the way you think and feel, whether you want them to or not.

Gratitude puts you into the vibrational state of the consciousness of your Soul.

Gratitude puts you into the vibrational state of the consciousness of your Soul. When you are in that state, you feel grateful for everything. Whatever exists is connected and precious. There is no distinction between right and wrong or good and bad.When your heart is opened by Gratitude, your energy is circulating freely, you can sense the energy of your higher self, and the energy that comes from the creative force behind all that is - it has the same creative power. When your mind senses and focuses on the energy of your higher self, you take on the consciousness of source consciousness. With that energy and consciousness, you desire things that benefit all, and you have the ability to achieve them.

You can actively create that state simply by saying, “Thank you.” Say it out loud to other people and quietly to yourself. You can even take some time on your own to repeat, “thank you,” especially aloud. Also, writing a list of things for which you feel, that you appreciate in your life, especially look for those things in situations that you would normally classify as bad, (the parts that feel heavy, with problems and lacks).

When your heart is opened by Gratitude, you can sense the energy of your higher self

Every morning or evening, write down what you are grateful for, or those things and events that you really appreciate. On those days where it at first appears you have nothing to be grateful for, then you will have to really let your imagination dream them up. The energy behind gratitude is, by far, greater than any problem you may have, so let it flow into your mind.Write down at least five things for which you are grateful. The more the merrier. They don’t have to be monumental, little things make life good too. Even if you are feeling very blue, are experiencing troubles or grieving a loss, your gratitude will ferry you to the other side of the problem.

When you’ve written your list, read it aloud, say “thank you” once more, and go on with your day.As this practice gains momentum, your pages of lists grow. At the end of a week or a month, notice what themes developed in your lists and compare what your life looked like in the beginning with where you are in the present.

You just might be pleasantly surprised!

Written by

Joseph Callender

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