Joseph Callender, June 1 2018

Useful Spirit Journey Question Tips - Part 2

Refining your questions

In my Soul Plan work, I have noticed that some of the energies that people incarnate with, predispose them to gaining a developed Truth Sense. Their truth sense provides the ability to validate what is true and what is not true. The truth sense usually develops as a consequence of developing energy sensitivity, and developed energy body. The truth sense literally enables you to feel when something rings true.

I’ve also noticed that those who have developed clairsentience and claircognizance ‘muscles’ tend to be able to discern truth; and many of them seem to register truth as a feeling: “that feels true”.

One of the prerequisites of a developed truth sense is a clean and strong energy body. So some work may need to be done to achieve this. Note this is one of the by-products of Shamanic Energy Training. As you clean your energy, you can evolve and develop your truth sense.

A developed truth sense enables you to refine your questions. It helps you recognise when a question, that you want to ask, actually reflects the feeling that prompted you to ask it. You may have noticed that some people cannot find the words to convey the energy that they want to share. There is somehow an internal disconnection that short circuits the congruence that should exist between thoughts, words and actions. The words that come out seem to miss the mark or cause confusion.

They have lost or forgotten the ability, (or perhaps, never developed it in the first place), to express the truth in their hearts or being. Usually because there is some stuck emotion of unresolved trauma that is disconnecting them from their core.

With a developed Truth Sense, you are able to refine your own questions, to such an extent that the sound of them rings true to your core. Like most things, this ability improves with work and practice.

When seeking to refine your Journey questions, so that you can get to a point where they ring true for the issue for which you are seeking clarification - here are some refining questions that you might ask yourself:

Valid questions receive answers that resonate true

If a question manages to reflect your inner truth, you will notice that the answer also rings true to your truth sense (or energy body).

However, If the answer conflicts with your old belief systems, you may need to challenge the beliefs you hold; which may require some external assistance to help you understand what these limiting beliefs are, and whether they are getting in your way.

How do you get out of your own way?

If you are new to journeying here a few more tips which may help you develop your questioning muscle:

A good question feels right. Once you have cultivated the ability to sense your own energy body, you should be able to feel when the right question resonates. There should be a direct line from the energy of the question, to the energy of the issue or challenge; and if you are training regularly you should be able to feel when a question rings true.

So called “bad questions” - those not useful to you - don’t feel right to the body; in the same way, as bad energy or entities feel. Note that the more visual you are, the more easily you can be tricked, unless you develop your energy body, and ability to feel, or sense what is true.

Written by

Joseph Callender

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