Joseph Callender, June 1 2018

Useful Spirit Journey Question Tips - Part 1

Transcendent spirits help us live life more fully, remind us of our own stated ethics and hold us accountable to become more like who we say we wish to become. However, this does not mean they will always help us avoid making mistakes, or stop us getting hurt. You may find that your helping spirit, directs you to situations that, actually lead you to make mistakes, or get hurt in some way, with the intention that you learn from the mistake or situation. They will help you own your power, and grow to become a better version of YOU.

It is useful to remember that spirits actually see us as spirits that have chosen to incarnate in human form. They may actually forget you are human, at times. You chose to be human to bring your soul’s purpose into manifestation. So, they may help you embody your choice to be human.

As we learn, grow and evolve; we change adapt, grow smarter and wiser. So you may expect that if you were to ask the same question to your helping spirits every year , you may receive different levels of answers to match your level of grow and readiness.

How you frame the question will define how it is answered. The way we phrase our questions will indicate to the helping spirits whether we are ready for bigger and bigger answers.

Incarnating in human form tends to make you lose perspective, and as a consequence our awareness of the reality of our existence can become extremely limited. We are often far removed from the perspective that will enable us to believe that life is a gift and everything is given to us.

When we ask questions of our helping spirits we need to bear in mind that this is still their perspective. So if the truth of the matter is that “Life is a gift and everything is given to us” - and this is not our current perspective - then what has happened to us, or what is happening to us now, that results in a view point where we can no longer view life a gift, with everything given to us?

If we can remember how spirits see us, we can craft questions to them in such a way that reminds us that we are not currently seeing this perspective right now; so what is getting in the way to obscure us from seeing this perspective - what is stopping us from seeing life is a gift right now?

Helping spirits are much more interested in helping you live a full life, and be more of yourself, and fully in your power; than answering mundane questions. To take our journeys up a level, we can focus on removing the obstacles that prevent us from seeing through, or past, the everyday so that we can see the deeper truth in the issue that we’re asking about, or seeing the deeper truth about what’s happening in our lives.

What’s Really Going On?

A really good attitude to hold when first starting out journeying, is to recognise that you may not actually know what’s truly going on. Our biggest blind spot might be our own assumptions. We assume that we actually know what’s happening to us, or what’s going on in our lives, when the fact is, we could be blinded by fear, our own prejudices, preferences and aversions, or our lack of self-awareness. We could also be obscured by the pain of lost soul fragments.

Therefore, when starting out on journeying our very first questions to our guides, or helping spirits, should be something like: “What do I need to know about xxxxxxxx?”, or “What am I not seeing?”, or “What am I missing?”. From this point, the questions will then evolve into clarification with the answers given by the helping spirits.

Universal Principles

There are fundamental universal principles that govern this creation. These principles are always operating, even though our lives may seem to be operating under a different set of principles.

Understanding why your life appears to no longer operate under these principles is the basis of a good set of questions. What’s getting in the way? What’s really happening?

We can ask questions that clarify the principles governing how the universe operates, or seek a deeper truth to life; or seek to understand the true nature of your experience or, indeed, your existence. Your questions could help you seek answers that change how your energy is moving in the world; or change your awareness of yourself in the world, or illuminate your understanding of your existence.

Here are some examples of universal principles, as well as some questions you might ask to address a perceived disconnection.

Written by

Joseph Callender

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