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Soul Plan has its roots in an ancient text called the Sefer Yetzirah. The English name for the text is The Book of Formation.

The book presents a theory of creation that links letter sounds to the different aspects that make up material existence and the polarities of the everyday world.  I studied Sanskrit for 3 years and realise that many of these concepts of sound and vibrational qualities of creation are also present in the revered Sanskrit literature – such as the Vedas. 

The Book of Formation is thought to be one of the first references of the mystical meanings of the 22 letters of ancient Hebrew. It also postulates that reality can be seen as emanating from these 22 letters and therefore these letters represent the different facets and energies that make up this world.

If we accept humans as being a microcosm of the whole, then it is not a large leap of faith to determine how these 22 energies are present in individual humans. 

In this system, a human being is understood to be a microcosm of the wider creation and therefore embodies and experiences all the 22 energies inherent in the letters of creation. Understanding how these energies are affecting an individual provides a useful structure for understanding an individual incarnation.

Does your business act as a vehicle to enable you to actualise your Soul's purpose?  Is the name suitable for the type of business it is and does it trigger your challenges?  Are you able to mitigate your own personal challenges with the abilities found in your business?

A Soul Plan Business Name Reading helps to determine the suitability of the energies contained in a name to the type of business activity as well as the impact of that overlay name on your own vibration.

It will help you determine whether the chosen name supports your own vibration, exacerbates challenges, negates talents or provides support for challenges. The same can also be worked out for websites.  This process can also be used to help pick the most appropriate names from a number of choices; or it can be used to refine and adjust already favoured choices.




For those who wish to explore.

If you have studied these pages you will by now start to realise the significance of the vibration of language.  As we expose ourselves to other energies for a long period of time – such as happens in long term relationships or one’s own business, these energies can significantly influence your dominant soul vibration.  Any one of these readings will let you explore the interplay of the names you use and choose or the businesses and people with which you associate .

For those who wish to evolve, transform or become more yourself.

Have you ever noticed that a couple who have lived together for an eternity, unmarried, then suddenly separate as soon as they get married and one partner adopts the others Surname?

What impact will the new vibrations have on the ability of the person to complete their soul’s purpose?

Will one partner’s energy overlay in such a manner that the other benefits from their full potential potency?


Will the one partner’s energy enhance or dissipate the energy of the other, and prevent their full expression?

For those that need the background.

As you may well understand by now, the name is an indicator of the soul’s energy.  You may think of this system as helping you understand how Vibrations merge.  To use the analogy of music:  when two or more notes are played together, is the result harmonious or discordant?

The overlay is a superimposition that may act like a rose tint or a thick curtain.   It can change your appearance and will manifest changes in your environment.  Like with many things in life, understanding the limits and boundaries of things can sometimes help make your interaction, with those things, more rewarding.  Sign up for a reading if this resonates.

A Soul Plan Business Session typically lasts up to 1 and a half hours.

Quiet time to reflect is recommen‍‍‍ded sometime after the session.

You will receive a physical copy of your Soul Plan for later reference

What to Expect


Convert English names into ancient Hebrew, provides the method required for deciphering the meanings of a name.

Soul Plan uses the vibration of your full birth name to generate your ‘Star of Creation’. This is the contribution of the late Dr Frank Alper who in his ‘Spiritual Numerology of Moses’ system introduced an ordinal method of Gematria based around a six-pointed star.

Frank Alper contributed the method of spiralling the Hebrew vibrations of one’s name around a star tetrahedron that could be seen as an energetic structure overlaying the person. We use this method as the foundation to generate a chart that will depict your Soul Plan.

It is believed that the birth name has been inferred by the name givers from the Soul of the child to be named.  In simple terms your birth name can be read in such a way as to indicate the energies that your soul has brought with it in this life.

In this present format Blue Marsden founder of the Holistic Healing College has extended on the original, added new interpretations, added some elements of numerology and channelled additional material. This is presented with where possible a non dualistic, more androgynous and modern orientation relevant to the 21st century and our current time. 

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