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Remember Why you came here: understand how your soul's frequency creates your life.  Learn what your soul has set up for you to master in this lifetime. Discover the soul destiny that results from life mastery. Learn how to manage discordant energies in your Relationships. Find out if your Business Name supports your growth.


Remember why you came here: clear childhood or past life energies which mask your natural frequency. Remove the energy that supports bad habits, undesired behaviours, and emotional traumas. Find out who you were before this life. Tap into Quantum versions of you that have answers to your questions.


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Healing to remove spiritual energies, intrusions, and spirit influence to restore spiritual vitality, and assist with physical and emotional wellbeing.  Shamanic Energy Training will teach you how to navigate non ordinary reality in a safe and grounded programme.  Shamanic Journeying will help get answers from your spirit team.

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Download: Business example - with name change analysis

Does your business act as a vehicle to enable you to actualise your Soul's purpose?  Is the name suitable for the type of business it is and does it trigger your challenges?

Did you know that it is possible to have a business name that pulls you backwards, rather than propel you forwards.

A Soul Plan for Business Names helps you to determine the suitability of your business name, to the type of business, and it will help you understand the impact of that business name on your own vibration.

It will help you determine whether the chosen name (and website address) supports your own vibration, exacerbates challenges, negates talents or provides support for challenges. This process can also be used to help pick the most appropriate names from a number of choices; or it can be used to refine and adjust already favoured choices.


For those who wish to explore.

If you have studied these pages you will understand the significance of the vibration of our language.  If you own a business, then you have an opportunity to actualise your soul's purpose through that particular organisation of your reality.

Your business name vibration will either support your soul's energies or it will provide a vibrational discord.

Discordant energies will feel like an extremely heavy blanket over your essence. This reading will let you explore the interplay of the names you use and choose for your business.


For those who wish to evolve, and transform.

If you have a number of names to choose from for your new venture, let's analyse the most suitable name to help you realise your full potential as an incarnate soul.  If you are incorporating a business with a partner we can do an analysis of both names and the suitability of the name for both partners.

Finally, you can look at the interplay of both your energies in a business relationship analysis - see Relationship Soul Plan.

Will one partner’s energy enhance or dissipate the energy of the other, and prevent their full expression?

You will need to do a standard Soul Plan session before you can undertake a Soul Plan for Business names session.  Both can be done on the same day.  This will be a half day session.

If you are analysing 2 People in a joint venture that may require some time so may involve a few sessions. Individual Soul Plans will be done separately.

If you have already done a Soul Plan session, then a business session will typically last up to an hour  (the heavy lifting is done prior to the session.

Quiet time to reflect is recommended sometime after the session.

You will receive a physical copy of your Soul Plan for Business Names (or electronic if done remotely) during the session for reference

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