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Remember Why you came here: understand how your soul's frequency creates your life.  Learn what your soul has set up for you to master in this lifetime. Discover the soul destiny that results from life mastery. Learn how to manage discordant energies in your Relationships. Find out if your Business Name supports your growth.


Remember why you came here: clear childhood or past life energies which mask your natural frequency. Remove the energy that supports bad habits, undesired behaviours, and emotional traumas. Find out who you were before this life. Tap into Quantum versions of you that have answers to your questions.


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Healing to remove spiritual energies, intrusions, and spirit influence to restore spiritual vitality, and assist with physical and emotional wellbeing.  Shamanic Energy Training will teach you how to navigate non ordinary reality in a safe and grounded programme.  Shamanic Journeying will help get answers from your spirit team.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Journeying

For those who wish to explore.

Past Life Regression (PLR) can be likened to a guided, non-ordinary reality tour into your own past existence.  It's like a guided relaxation and meditation session, combined with a healing experience and can be quite insightful.  You may get a new perspective on the person you are in this life, and you will feel incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of the session.

For those who wish to evolve, transform or become more yourself.

PLR enables you to discover the reason behind some of your behaviours, character traits, relationship difficulties or unexplained physical conditions. It will help you understand the event, for example, that created a particular fear, phobia, or recurring situation, and contribute to removing the current symptoms or reactions to enable you to become more functional.

Those that can let go and trust their own inner wisdom, and those that have experience with hypnosis, Spirit Journeys and guided meditation, tend to gain a lot of insight from a single session. There is no such thing as a 'failed session' and you will always get what you need and what you are ready for at this stage of your life.

Meditation and relaxation before your session can assist you to relax deeply and let go during the session. However, a lite vested interest in the outcome, can do wonders to spark your Soul's interest in providing answers. Try to remain open minded and let the practitioner know if there are any concerns, doubts and fears that you may have regarding the session. There is nothing to worry about as you are always in control and can return to full waking consciousness whenever you choose.

How to Prepare for PLR


Past Life Journeys may help you:

  • explore who you have been in previous lives
  • take a holiday into your past
  • understand how your past is influencing your present
  • remove past life trauma affecting this life
  • understand recurring relationship patterns with people with whom you regularly incarnate
  • gain clarity on why you came back to this life
  • understand life lessons, major themes, and purpose
  • create more peace, acceptance, or contentment



For those that need the background and science.

Scientific research done in Russia has shown that it is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to respond directly to the vibration and structure of language.  Genetic code follows the same rules as all our human languages and DNA stores its data much like a computer.  It is recording and storing the frequencies, thoughts, beliefs and vibrations to which we are exposed.

All of our experiences create their respective physical chemistry inside the body. We also inherited the "chemistry" of our mother’s experiences that she had while we were in the womb.  The study of epigenetics explores this area further and shows that experiences are passed down through generations and can alter how genes are expressed.  Our genes are carrying energetic impressions from our ancestors.  We are also impacted by the experiences of our ancestors and our past experiences also modify our genes to produce healthy or unhealthy effects.

For those that like to hear reasons to do a PLR.

Hypnotherapy has shown me that our bodies also carry the energetic imprints of previous incarnations and, as with ancestral energies, events and experiences in past lives can impact this life in ways that are less than ideal.

All of these energies and chemistry adds a vibrational overlay to the being, sometimes in disharmony to our natural soul frequency.  Imprints from past experiences can create blocks in this life. For example, you may have a fear of drowning or water because you drowned in a previous incarnation.

Many of our issues potentially originate from incidents in another lifetime.  A Past Life session enables you to identify the source of these feelings and energies.


PLR can be used to facilitate connecting to other aspects of yourself that have not yet manifested in this current incarnation.  You can often open up the possibility to bring the energy of that particular skill or quality or ability into this life.  It is often the case that the subconscious will take you back to a Past Life which holds some significance to your current situation in this lifetime. Exploring that Past Life will bring clarity and understanding to this one.

While I have personally experienced profound healing with PLR and have had many clients spontaneously "land" in a past life during a regular hypnotherapy session from time to time; one does not need to be suffering from any particular ailment or phobia to receive the many benefits from a PLR session. You may just wish to understand more about yourself and why you are here.  Often the result is healing at many levels, healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Past Life Regression typically takes up to 2 – 2.5 hours and it is prudent to allow up to 3 hours.

It’s useful to take time after a session to integrate your experience.  Allow yourself the time, without needing to return to work or undertake any busy activities afterwards. Quiet time to reflect is recommended if at all possible. It is also advised to drink less caffeine before the session.

A digital recording will be made of the session for you to relive and explore further

What to Expect