All sessions are designed to facilitate a specific brainwave pattern, which will stimulate the same brainwave patterns usually seen in expert mediation practitioners.  This will assist you to achieve the many benefits of meditation.

Each track incorporates specially engineered sound patterns that influence your neural rhythms. This process is also known as “brainwave entrainment”.

For example, “theta brainwaves” are one type of mental activity that can be stimulated. Feelings of peace or blissfulness combined with a slowing of the mind’s internal dialogue are correlated with theta brainwave activity.

Long-term meditators experience a deepened sense of calmness, increased sense of comfort, heightened awareness and a shift in the relationship to thoughts, feelings, and experience of self.

Research has also shown that there are real benefits for one’s health and mental well being that can come from meditation- such as lowered blood pressure and reduced stress.


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This is a series of deep meditation sessions using isochronic beats, binaural beats and entrainment embedded into sound files. Each track will descend into theta frequencies,  stay there until the end, where it rises back up to alpha to help leave the listener refreshed and awake. 

OPTIONAL devices:  Headphones or Speakers


Before each session, make sure you are well hydrated.  Then find a quiet, comfortable place in a chair or lying down, free of distraction.  After starting the session, close your eyes and relax.

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Your Soul  & Business

Understand the energies your soul chose for you to master.  Find out about the training plan it devised for you.  Discover what your soul destiny will be if you master these energies.  Get coaching to help you achieve your Soul Plan. Find out how your business name supports your soul frequency?  Remember why you came here ...



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Quantum Consciousness

Past Life Regression


‍‍‍Healing to remove spiritual energies, intrusions, and spirit influence to restore s‍‍‍piritual vitality, and assist with physicaI and emotional wellbeing.  Our Energy Training School will teach you how to become sensitive to feeling energy, develop a truth core, and teach you shamanic skills.  Shamanic Journeying will teach you to navigate transcendent realms safely...

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Shamanic Energy Training

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