Spiritual Guidance

COACHING & GUIDANCE: facilitating you to show up as a more authentic version of yourself

We are multidimensional beings trying to live an existence which enables us to show up fully as our most authentic selves within all our roles, in all situations .

Our success with this is often hindered by  a lack of experience, learning gaps, limiting beliefs, an accidental myopic perspective, a narrow focus, or an absence of training in how to manage situations, the impact of our emotional states and emotional energies, or how we have been 'trained' to deal with others.

For some it has been a complete absence of training in how to think about the world and your life so that you hold the most appropriate perspectives to enable you to thrive.

This offering will help you scrutinise how you show up for yourself and others, so that we can determine what internal shifts will adjust your standing in your relationships, and the roles that you desire to play.



For those who wish to explore.

The term Spiritual Guidance is just to remind you that you are a spiritual being having a Human Experience. The guidance offered will help you to ground yourself as a spiritual being and update your material experience of the world and the skill you use to show up as human.

For those who wish to evolve and transform.

Our human-ness is what many of us are struggling with, and many have chosen to bypass the human part believing that spiritual information and activities will somehow relieve them of their worldly afflictions; or they just have not been taught or shown how to handle the world or their emotional states.

It is also possible to use spiritual insight to inform the human experience, and together we can help you understand what the spirits and your peers are trying to tell you about yourself to assist with this existence. This will be couched in metaphysical terms if the idea of being 'Spiritual' just freaks you out.

Our worldly issues are human issues. Spiritual pursuits should actually be a safe training ground for you to explore your own humanity, kindness, gentleness, steadfastness, emotional balance, and sovereignty.

If this resonates with you then let's go on a journey to help you be more yourself, and show up as the best and most appropriate version of you, in all the situations that you find this difficult.

Choose the general coaching or mentoring offering from the guidance section in the Booking Form, if you wish to learn more about yourself and receive a reflection in our how are showing up, plus be empowered to show up more fully as you would like.

These sessions can cover relationships, work, how to make internal shift to get the right partner, how to honour your partners and friends better, or even how to honour spirit and your guides and adjust how you 'do' spiritual pursuits.

If you have had a soul plan then you can follow this up with guidance on how to make any necessary changes and adjustments or go deeper into any or all of the energies. For this you can choose Soul Plan Coaching from the soul plan section on the Booking Form.

There will soon be a Soul Transformation Therapy which will build on the Soul Plan and offer a healing journey (coming in July 2021.)

If you need help making decisions about 2 or more apparently conflicting or enticing choices then Decision Spaces is a really unique experience to help improve your decision skills, understand yourself and how you make decisions, assist you in clarifying what you are actually choosing, crystallising your position.

It is also possible to include a number of offerings as a bespoke or featured package.

For those who need help working out which offering to choose.


Most of these sessions will be remote on Zoom and there will be sessions for those who wish to come in person. It's useful to be mindful of what you wish to work on.  If you have no idea where to start then book a general session so that we can go through your life and existence and work this out together, and then plan future sessions around the results of that first session.Should you know what you wish to work on, think of it in terms of how you would like to transform your life, whether that is: ' to have more or something', 'to have less of something' or 'to change something about your experience or the way you show up for yourself and others'.

These sessions provide the space for you to tell your story and learn new, unique and expanding perspectives using personal examples, examples from others, as well as references from a long history steeped in philosophical and spiritual experiences.  There are instances when channelling and messages from spirit will also be included, and these will be presented so that they are grounded and accessible.

How to Prepare for Guidance

What to Expect