Entity Removal

  • Feel more grounded & energetically clean
  • Feel more present & connected
  • Reclaim lost Soul fragments
  • Remove discarnate Spirit Influence
  • Remove curses, spells and hexes
  • Increase your power & energy
  • Remove the causes of bad luck
  • Receive more vitality to deal with trauma, & change limiting beliefs
  • Change the nature of your relationships by removing the beings influencing them


For those who wish to explore.

Depending on your level of sensitivity, a Shamanic Healing will be experienced like a non-intrusive energy clearing, an energetic purge, or a boost in vitality.  It is not uncommon to go through a period of mild grief after a session, as we can unconsciously become emotionally attached to those things in our energy bodies - even though they may not be helpful to us.

Clients typically come with around 60 different energy afflictions (on average, and we can detect over 600 different types of energies and entities that impact the body and energy system), and the practitioner will draw upon their helping spirits to assist with their removal. The Practitioner evokes a receptive state that enables access to information or assistance from the helping spirits, to guide the session.

Everyone will benefit from a clearing, every few months, depending on what type of lifestyle you lead.  See below for what is cleared and examples of the types of healings available …

For those who wish to evolve, transform or become more yourself.

Shamanic Healing can also involve retrieving information from guides on various afflictions, or provide useful information to help you make decisions.   Sometimes a little assistance from our helping spirits can assist us to make tweaks that can change the course of our lives – and they are happy to provide some guidance where necessary.  Sometimes, we are influenced by conflicting desires that are not our own.

Such influences can cause us to adopt undesired habits or personality traits. Removing these 'spirit' influences can lift a very heavy burden from us. Also, our Soul energies can fragment and get temporarily lost to us. This can happen with simple shocks, or setbacks, or accidents and can impair our ability to feel like ourselves. See the section on Soul Retrieval below for further details. Getting these fragments back can transform our energy states and sense of wellbeing.

For those that need the background.

The wisdom that shows us how to access our own innate guidance and healing is once again available to those willing to listen.  Our organs, cells and bodies have the ability to tell us what is needed to restore balance.  

In those circumstances where a person has not been fortunate enough to develop the sense acuity to commune with the body or Soul then there are alternative sources of help available.  

We might have "contracts" with plants spirits, animal spirits, and each other, to work together to restore balance. The spirits of plants, animals, mythical creatures, and transcendent beings, are powerful allies, and we meet them fully when we place ourselves in our highest sovereign state and treat them as equals.

For those who have been trained to access them, plants and animal spirits can provide a gateway to access realms where that communication with our bodies and our souls, and spirit guides, can take place.  This should not replace, but rather augment our own sovereign authority.



A Few Examples of Healing techniques used in a session

Spiritual Intrusion Removal

Clearing unwanted and troublesome energies from the body, organs and energy field to restore balance and patch auric holes and punctures. Much of this will be done via Spirit Weaving and can clearly over 400 types of intrusions.   More ...

Compassionate Deposession

Clearing the influence of a deceased person from your energy field.  Spirit influence is surprisingly common and not as dramatic as it sounds.  The effects of a clearing can substantially change one's energy.   More ...

Shamanic Doctoring

Healing where the Shamanic Practitioner journeys or merges with their compassionate Spirit Allies to collect healing energies for the client for their specific ailment or illness, and transmits these through words, songs or movement.

Drum Healing

Sound, smoke, light frequencies all exist in vibrational form, between the physical and etheric realms.  This makes them perfect mediums to transmit intention.   More ...

Psycho Pomp

Crossing over deceased spirits. Usually done as compassionate work - pro bono.  There are times when the confusion of death requires an intervention.

Soul Retrieval

Restoring disassociated Soul portions, which can be easily dislodged from the body’s energy field. This can be a contributing factor to chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms.   More ...

Power Animal Retrieval

When a person no longer accesses their Spirit Animal, nor listens to its guidance, (mostly due to not knowing of it's existence); it eventually leaves them. Reconnecting a person back with their Spirit Animals can offer amazing healing opportunities.

Spirit Weaving

Weaving Divine threads invokes appropriate energies and spirits as necessary to fulfil a client’s intention for healing or otherwise. The practitioner may work with different spirits: ancestors, devas, the angelic realm, mythical beings, power animals, elemental beings, etc., grids, timelines, energies, akashic records, dimensions and frequencies to assist in the healing session. This potent Celtic method can clear over 600 types of Spiritual and Spirit Intrusions.


In those instances where clarity, to help decide the right course of action, is needed; the helping and compassionate spirits can provide surprisingly useful insight and information.


Space Cleansing

Sha Qi, is sharp Qi energy, and is usually created inside a building. For example, when a sharp wall angle, called poison arrow, is pointing at your bed, there is a constant emission of attacking energy directed at your body. The further the attacking element is located from you or your house, the lesser its bad influence. This bad energy can lead to illness and depression for those who are exposed to it for a long amount of time.

The land can be imprinted with the activities of humans, for example where the energy of human massacre, or other overwhelming human tragedies, is still potent. It can also be found inside the buildings that have strong geopathic stress. Toxic Qi, resonates with the frequency of the Shadow realms. This energy is also in the landscape.

Clutter, a lack of order, as well as a lot of repressed emotions and other negative energy that has been experienced inside the walls, can be stored in the house, that's why it is so important to have a space clearing session at least once a year.

Soul Portion loss occurs when our experience of events causes our soul to disassociate from our body.  In many cases this will cause a portion of the Soul to fragment and dislodge from the body’s energy field.  

Soul Portion loss is a contributing factor to power loss and also a contributing factor to chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms.

Many people are running on a reduced percentage of their power due to Soul fragmentation.  Soul Portions generally want to come back.

  • Accidents can make one disassociate
  • Shocks and traumas no matter how small
  • Substance abuse
  • Physical violence
  • Relationship Break down
  • Bereavement
  • Living in a big city
  • Being forced to face a particular emotion when not ready

(symptoms are not a guarantee of soul portion loss)

  • Accident Prone
  • Tendency to be in wrong place at wrong time
  • A Sense of Something Missing
  • Inability to remember dreams
  • Recurring dreams of childhood locations
  • Dreams of smaller versions of yourself
  • Numbness - not being able to feel emotion - so one goes to extremes to feel to break through the numbness
  • Event Shocks “Never been the same ever since …”

Shamanic Energy Training can help you process traumas with no soul loss.

Situations that can result in Soul Portion Loss:

Symptoms of Soul Portion Loss:

  • Addictiveness
  • Panic Attacks or Anxiety (not localised)
  • Low energy or Depression
  • No immunity / Chronic Sickness
  • Chronic Misfortune or Bad Luck
  • Inability to complete projects or make decisions
  • Mental Illness is a good indication of Soul Portion Loss
  • Some Countries have high incidence of SPL due to oppressive rules and regimes
  • Ended relationships and friendships - one of you could be holding on to a portion
  • Mortification “I was mortified” “Embarrassed to death”




Spiritual Intrusions is the term given to the 'beings' that metaphysically infest a person’s energy field, weakening it or draining it of spiritual vitality. Intrusions can ‘attach’ to a person’s field or can cause interference remotely. We have identified over 400 different types of intrusions and past life influences that can reduce one's spiritual vitality, causing us to feel depleted and always tired or feeling like we are constantly under attack.

Intrusions appear in many forms and if they remain unchecked, may deplete the field enough to leave the body susceptible to disease and illness.  They normally affect the weakest areas of your energy field, but can interfere with any part of the body or field regardless of where they are located.  Physical symptoms can result from such intrusions – some systems believe that all physical symptoms have metaphysical causes.

A typical healing session will remove between 40 and 80 common intrusions. The following gives some examples of causes:

Psychic & Etheric Parasites

Usually eat up psychic debris and waste but can also attach to already weakened energy fields opportunistically and add to one's generic toxicity.

Energy Vampires & Chords

Beings that feed of another's emotional energy. As well as people who are not aware of their own energetic boundaries, and create dynamics where their own power is leached from them by other people; or this energy can be given unintentionally to the things we put our focus on or give our attention to.

People whose state of hardship becomes too much for them to handle can become emotionally and energetically drained and due to lack of awareness may seek other people as their source of energy.

Overbearing Institutions

Institutions, organisations and governments can impose energetic servitude which weakens one’s energy field; so can extreme religions and draconian business practices.

Curses, Hexes, Spells, Attacks

These feel like Bad  Vibes and are usually sent or picked up unconsciously:

  • INDIRECT come from Gossip – talking about people in an unkind manner

  • UNCONSCIOUS these may be accidental negative thoughts, unintentionally directed at you

  • CONSCIOUS are intended interactions of focus (such as hurling abuse at someone like, or intentional curses

  • DIRECT can be caused by ‘psychic attack’ intentionally or unintentionally

Thought Forms

The negative circling thoughts you tell yourself can weaken your energy field.  Also, other people’s negative thoughts of you in your presence does this as well. If they persist, they are given 'life' and linger in the field.  A weakened energy field is more susceptible to Intrusions.

Compassion Fatigue

Empathy puts you in energetic resonance to the person you are focusing on and if they are afflicted in someway then you make yourself an energetic match to the affliction. It’s vary hard for Humans NOT to be compassionate - but you should understand the energetic cost to you.

Note when someone is in pain or suffering or complaining about symptoms or telling their story, they may unconsciously dump their negative energy onto you and this could either pass intrusions or weaken your energy field leaving you susceptible to intrusions. Healthcare providers have to be aware of being dumped on. Indigenous cultures consider this sort of Shamanic knowledge as essential for everyone and not a luxury for the few.

Human energy fields are rechargeable...  




Spirits can get stuck when they are in a contracted state of consciousness.  In this state they have lost the ability to reason or explore other choices and options that might be available. This work provides the opportunity to wake them from their trance and guide them to a place that gets them help.

Spirt influence can be slight or substantial, with the later leading to drastic personality  changes. This can all happen when our personal vitality is low, and at such times when we are under the influence of heavy emotions or substances.

However, some clients, already knowledgeable about Shamanic Healing specifically ask for this service.

Spirits are People too

Practitioners usually treat influencing spirits with a great deal of love and care as they can present like lost children - quite literally.

Even acting out Spirits are people

As with a bully, we tend to find that those spirits that are labeled dark or demonic, have suffered greatly in their life and quite possibly are still reliving the trauma they experienced when they were alive.  It is always useful to remember that everyone deserves a chance to be helped, grow wiser, receive understanding and kindness, be awoken from trances or delusions and given an opportunity to gain greater understanding or chance to do the right thing and or atone.

Compassionate Depossession will mostly be a chance to provide care for someone in need and for the person being influenced, its an opportunity to be restored to a clearer state of being.


Much of the time the influencing Spirit is not aware that they have passed. Which means that this discovery can be quite a shock for them.  What generally happens is that somehow they have been attracted to a weak field and managed to penetrate it, with out knowing that they have done so.

Surprisingly common

Some believe that most people have at some stage or are experiencing some degree of spirit influence. If the influence is lite, it may not be noticed at all, you will be making your own decisions, and usually running your own life.

Where the influence is greater than 50%, one may even notice personality changes to a lesser or greater degree.

Don't freak Out

Practitioners will not usually tell a client that they have spirit influences, depending on the clients level of maturity and level of "awakening".

Sound, smoke, and light frequencies all exist in vibrational form, between the physical and etheric realms.  This makes them perfect mediums to transmit intention. Drums have been used in many traditions to help create sacred spaces, journey to other realms and heal.  Some traditions maintain that no ceremony is possible without the presence of a sacred drum.

Drums, can be imbued with the spirits of the once living creatures that were used in its creation: the spirit of the wood surround, animal hide, and other materials used in the drum and stick.  It is also possible to transmit healing from compassionate spirits.

Drums, like rattles, are an excellent means of sonic driving to create a shamanic state of conscious.  When the correct cadence is used, this creates a carrier frequency to assist in traversing non ordinary reality.


Drum Hypnosis & Journeying  

Drumming is very useful for facilitating clients, who struggle to enter hypnotic states for therapy.  Many of our private ceremonies will have an element of guided journeying facilitated by the medicine drum.

TUVAN Drum Healing

The Republic of Tuva, just outside of Mongolia, is home to an ancient tradition of Shamans that have shared their drum healing techniques with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies - from whom I learned this technique. Tuvan drum Healing can be used for chronic pain or physical illness, using the power of the helping spirits acting through the drum to help facilitate healing.  Sky signals are used to call upper world beings to facilitate the healing.

Relaxation before your session can assist your ability to relax deeply and let go during the session. Also, let me know if there are any concerns, doubts and fears that you may have regarding the session.

There is nothing to worry about as you are always in control and fully present throughout the session (with your eyes closed and lying down mostly).

No alcohol the day before, on the day, and preferably a few days after a healing.  Also please try to drink less caffeine before the session.

How to Prepare for a Healing

What to Expect

A Healing typically takes 90 mins for the standard session or 2 hours for a deep clearing.  Longer sessions can be purchased to tackle more things. There may be a short or long intro talk, depending on your ability to settle into the energy of the session and your need to have questions answered.

If this is your first time, then please book the Deep Cleansing session.  Also keep an open mind, since, for some people, it can seem a little weird having a stranger shake a rattle or bang a drum around them, whilst performing odd rituals and incantations.

Soul Retrieval may require some gentle integration after a session, which can take a day to a week to work through, to help integrate whatever emotional experience that caused the soul to fragment.  Some feel immediately abundant with vitality, clear headed, present and grounded after a session.  Whilst others may go on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, whilst they integrate the emotions, that caused the missing soul portions to fragment. Sometimes clients may process the grief of the removal of heavy energies that they had actually gotten used to carrying.

Grounding, earthing, and quiet time to reflect, on a long walk at the beach, or in a park, is always recommended after a session, if at all possible.  A good night's sleep may also be necessary.  Strange dreams may happen as the subconscious processes the changes in energy. You will not usually be told about everything that was removed, or the circumstances that caused your Soul to Fragment.