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Spirit Worker Training Programme

Our workshops provide a comprehensive system of teachings and experiences to enable energy workers, therapists, experienced practitioners, psychics and shamanic aspirants, a safe and grounded space to develop, hone and invoke intuitive practice and skills.  We combine these with an understanding of Taoist energy principles:

We can guarantee that you will find techniques in our courses that are not taught anywhere else.

  • Anyone can attend the Workshops listed at Level 1 in any order
  • Level 2 is optional
  • Spirit Journeys participation is a prerequisite to attend any of the workshops at Level 2 and above
  • Level 3 can be done in any order
  • Spirit Weaver requires 2 from level 3, plus pendulum ...


If you want more energy, greater health, vitality and power try one of our 5 or 6 week Qi Gong based energy training series.  They are essential if you wish to also do spirit work as they fuel you with spiritual vitality to ensure you do not burn out. This is explained in the about page.

The series are theme-based and enable you to harness the energy of the group to help you clear stagnant energy, let go of the past, improve your manifestation skills and become more sensitive to energy. See the Classes Section to find them.

All groups are supported by a private Facebook group and all finish with a Sacred Ceremony.


If you want to expand your spiritual practice and learn how to work with your own spirit team, then try our Spirit Journeys training where we teach you how to navigate in 'hyperspace'.  After this you can choose to learn how to work with all different types of spirits from animals, upper world teachers, mythical creatures, and plants.

These trainings are available as stand alone weekends for the different types of spirits.  For those of you that want to work with spirits in your clinic, these are great initiation weekends to begin this process. There is an about page that explains the philosophy and background, and you can find them in the Workshops Section.