Joseph Callender, June 1 2018

Quantum Consciousness Experience: Dealing with Self Worth

A Quantum Consciousness Experience (QCE) is a very empowering Journey, and most of the healing and insights, are driven primarily by the client, with the facilitator holding the space and asking simple clarification questions to enable the client to receive the maximum benefit from the session. This is different to a hypnosis of Hypnoenergetics session, where the facilitator may provide more assistance and guidance to establish release or healing.

[ Note this case study has been shared with the permission of my client - whose name, and the names of real people she mentioned, have been changed to protect their privacy. ]

Sally (who was 27 at the time) had seen me for a few Hypnoenergetics sessions to work on anxiety, and had done some great work on her own. When we discussed her interest in a QCE session, she told me how sometimes she felt inadequate interacting with charismatic people, exuding a kind of personal strength. She expressed a desire to be able to address those people confidently and with gravitas, and gave an example of her ability to address big groups of people, most of the time, in her work setting – she creates networking events. 

She was interested in exploring what can be done in those instances when she felt less sure of herself.

After the explanations of the session, Sally re –iterated the same intention, with a much stronger set of words stating that she wanted to: ‘Break through the barrier of self-doubt and come home to my wholeness.’ I offered a tiny modification to also receive healing and wisdom that would support this.

I first got Sally into a very deep trance, to relax her and to get her into an altered state. I then proceeded to expand Sally into a very expansive state before we initiated the QCE. 

Sally, was then able to meet different aspects of herself in all of the ‘quantum’ realms


Sally first went to an expansive peaceful zone which she called: ‘white space’, where she said there was no pain. She then had an intense piercing feeling in her head, which let her know that she had a tendency to be: ‘in her head too much’. She also, got the insight that her constitution, which had a lot of air and little grounding, was being shown as the reason for being in her head too much, and that her environment is extremely important to her mental state. Sally shared that she realised then that she should seek environments conducive to grounding. Like a forest. A that point a vision of a forest came into her awareness.

Sally could see a 25-year-old version of herself at the edge of the forest and she explained: “… it looks like I don’t want to step into the forest”. That version of Sally was sad, and despondent and afraid of herself, and reluctant to step into the forest. I was told that young Sally’s experiences as a child were not good, as she was pulled away from a sense of security too many times and did not want to go back to being alone.

Sally later described the 25-year-old as being covered in the energy of Fear, she was afraid of everything. Sally gave her younger self a hug and told her it’s just a lie, a story. She also told her that nature is the safest way of discontinuing that story about the fear and remembering that her presence on the earth is a gift. The other Sally then started walking into the forest. Sally also told her younger self to remember to breathe. 

Checking into the energies, the other Sally’s energy was much brighter than before, and was much ‘encouraged’ having had someone support her. Sally, on the other hand was very inspired by how quickly her 25-year-old self was able to change her energy, immediately after receiving new information. 

This is an awesome experience to draw on as the journey expands. It is close to spontaneous healing at the emotional level and is showing that it is indeed possible.

Younger Sally seemed to have acquired a blue light around her, giving her a peaceful blue ‘aura’, which reminded present Sally of the message to go in to nature. Present Sally told me that the significance of the blue light was to show her that the fear (of interacting with others) is coming from a disconnection from nature and a separation of herself from others. The separation is a story: ‘The blue light is my wholeness, and is accessible by connecting to the elements of the earth – and not imposing an obligation on myself.’

Sally remarked about how enticing the blue light was, and I reminded her, that she can do whatever she wanted in this realm, if she wanted to experience that energy. At that moment, another younger version (about 23 years) of her entered the blue light. This version felt shaky and unbalanced. Sally described her as being in a state of waiting for her external circumstances to change. She sensed that this version needed encouragement to keep meditating and going back to the forest alone, and to get excited about it.

The 23-year-old told her, that: ‘if she would take on the frequency of nature, then people will feel that from her. Sally understood how to recharge herself in nature and one of them gave her some dirt, which she put in her pocket. This was a reminder of the earth being within and without, a reminder of the power of that connection with the great mother spirit. Visualising dirt and water all over her field. The first Sally had disappeared and the 23-year-old had brightened.

At which point we moved to the next realm.

[ This analogy of the forest is a very important one. The healing powers of nature will no doubt be significant for Sally going forward… ]


A 28-year-old version of Sally showed up first, who had not made the choice to travel to France. She was searching for something and dissatisfied. She had stayed with her previous boyfriend Rick. They were happy for a while, then after 2 years, she felt life was too plain and simple. She felt unfulfilled and didn’t want to finish the course she was on – everything was grey and something was missing. She had question marks all over her head, and her unrest caused her relationship to end, as she wanted to go traveling like before. She then went traveling to Europe, and found a spiritual chanting group, then came back to Australia, and tried to get Rick to look at the things she had learnt, but he was not interested. 

This version of Sally, needed wisdom – she hadn’t found a spiritual community in Melbourne, having had a taste for it in some other place, earlier in her life. She had also moved to Sydney for a while and couldn’t find one there either. She felt she was running away from herself– and realised that: ‘… she can’t change her outer environment if she won’t change her inner environment.’ – she had not been able to realise this outside of theory. 

Present Sally, decided to leave messages in places where 28-year-old version of her could find them to contribute to her awakening. The 28-year-old was not aware of her at that point, and became excited and bewildered at all this information.

28-year-old Sally told her, that love forced is not real love. In relation to her intention she was told that she has been loved and has the capacity to be love. Present Sally told me that sometimes she felt so ‘unordinary’, so different from ‘normal people’, she sometimes questions whether she is capable of being in love, or being content with the love she has for her life. She could see the other Sally doing some sort of belly dance – which she interpreted as freedom of judgement. She found it difficult to decipher the meaning and relevance of the dance to her intention, so I placed my hand on her forehead and gave a suggestion to enable she to decipher the energies. At that moment, the scene changed to the dancer performing in India – She then understood that she needed to do more dancing to get into flow, out of her head and into her body.

Next came a 10-year-old version of Sally, in an arts class in primary school, wearing a smock and talking like an adult. She told present Sally, if she concentrates on her own light, and art and creativity, then people will show up for her. She must not get distracted, looking at everyone else. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Present Sally wanted to tell her younger self: “that she is destined for great things, but its key to handle interactions with grace, even if they are negative. Accept the lessons, even if they are painful, and know she is in a soul contract with herself and consciousness, to be here and to experience… and if she chooses to see things in a positive way, then the overall experience will be positive. It’s a choice.”

Having asked the relevance to her intention, Present Sally shared, that from a young age she always compared herself to what others were doing, fearing that what she had to offer was not as good enough. Or she would wonder how they always knew what to do, whilst she did not. She would copy them, just to have a place to start from, then find her way after that. But now she believes she can change that thought process, about what she has to offer. She realised she had chosen to wake up before others, so that she can be creative and focus on what she has to share, and she now believes that people will show up for that, if she stops comparing and being in fear of what she has to offer. 

10-year-old had a lot of ‘Blue” around her – related to the 5th Chakra. Sally mentioned that she had believed for some time that her 5th Chakra had been blocked, and the observation of the light and receiving the information, was healing her own chakra.

No one else came forward.

[ Often in a QCE session, the wisdom that comes from the child aspects of ourselves, is unexpected, simple and very powerful. ]


An Iranian man presented himself to Sally, whom she described as a fit well-meaning man, with bright green eyes. He had a sister, and they had both been in war torn Iran. His sister is married now, and he is alone. He finds it difficult to change things. A lot of his work has been lost, and although he does not suffer anxiety, he is very frustrated at the system – he feels like it is not fair.

He came for healing and to share wisdom. Apparently, as Sally perceived it, his cellular memory was all bunged up, harbouring hate towards the people that had hurt his family and, harbouring a lot of fear. He wanted to clear, those experiences from his cells. Sally decided to use golden light to flush his body and placed him in a spa bath of flowers to cleanse his energy. He began to cry. He also needed to tell his story and she helped arrange a book publication. She then saw the book, and the scene was transformed to a book launch in a European country. His energy had been significantly transformed.

Sally was told by the Iranian man to tell her story: ‘if I can do it with these awful chains around me, then you can.’ She told me that she had been trying to tell her story, but felt scared to reveal her metaphysical experiences, believing that if they were not grounded in science, then there was no chance of changing anything. Plus, she had fear that no one would read it because of her being a ‘nobody’, and the job of referencing, paraphrasing, making things more interesting for young people became a nightmare for her. So she had resigned herself to the fact that if there was a story in her, then she would need to first work on herself and her understanding of life and eventually she would come back to writing it.

The Iranian man told her, that she would not know how people will relate to her in their own way. “If she stays in fear, then no one can benefit from the things that she has been through – not even Sally.” He also told her to smile, always with her heart – he then placed the sunshine in her heart. She began to cry a sense of relief, having found someone with so much in common to her. 

No one else came forward.

[ A fascination parallel, with strong messages from the other self, and not much need to facilitate much, as the space holds soo much potential ... ]


3 Huge Sirians presented themselves. One came forward, a blue 7 or 8 feet tall person. A very powerful being. He did not speak words, but spoke through mental images and told her that everything is possible and that she should be careful what she focused on, because it may just be her, on that timeline. He showed her a vision of millions of configurations of energy in the world and showed her how she related to this, as just one being floating along a path, and she focuses on the world that she will experience. But, it’s not the only world or the only possibility, and it’s the same for everyone, if she or they focus on all the good things that she wants to happen, then she is one of the people pulling that possibility into this plane of consciousness. But if she continues to be afraid of her inability to do things, to get things off the ground, or to change things, then that’s the reality she pulls in and down, and that contributes to the problem. (She will bring what she focuses on into this reality, whether it’s the change or the fear or doing anything about it).

I asked Sally to ask how the mechanism works and what is the best way she should be? He then reached into her chest and pushed her heart down, as if to say drop the power of her heart into her lower power centre, which she interpreted as aligning loving aspiration with do-able action. He told her that fear is a choice. The pathways are not solid so just change the pathways – at which point he showed she a neural network representation of what happens when she focuses on fear: the neural network turns red with disjointed connections.

Sally was shown the forest and heart –this was about self-love - and reminded to have an appreciation for others, which was the antidote of focusing on the fear. She was told that the God in her can give love to all beings. At that point she felt a sharp pain in her stomach, which she interpreted as releasing old pains. She told me it was in her solar plexus, representing sense of self, which had been based on what other people had thought of her. So it is time to remove that habit and consciously construct a new sense of self.

Sally then received waves of energy recalibrating her brain, which looked really golden afterwards. She saw herself putting out love and receiving it from others. When she puts out love, she receives it back and that repairs her sense of self (she also realised that as everyone was really her extended self; loving them was also loving herself). 

Sally understood that she does not need to doubt herself, if the whole world is a reflection: “They are all just different versions of me, experiencing things at different times in different points on the same mountain towards oneness. Sally told me: “I can get there now, I don’t have to wait for everybody’s validation, I can just know that I am one with them, and whether or not they know it yet, they are one with me … and so if they are judging me they are not yet at this point … and this point is I don’t need a judge anymore”. At that moment the Sirian stepped back.

The Sirian man wanted her to understand he is invested in her success and wants to see her find that self-belief, which was what he needed to brighten his energy. 

There was a woman among the three, who Sally was able to tune into. She came forward, produced a green colour around herself and also put her hand inside Sally’s chest. She was drawing her attention to a tightness in her chest, she was implanting a green coding inside her and told her to not be afraid to fall in love. She was told, she has to love to be loved.

The woman resisted an exchange at first. The woman was some kind of Priestess, who also did not speak, and may have had a human partner previously. She wanted to see Sally have some sort of love like that. She had the strongest frequency that Sally had ever felt. She asked them all to hug her.

After that exchange we moved on …

[ Wow!]


Sally felt that now her heart was aligned to her solar plexus, it was very helpful, as now she can create a new version of herself. She felt it was very easy to do that and felt that she could walk away from the session, full, and grateful, and apply the things she had learned in other social scenarios.

Sally also received a message back to her Present Consciousness: “Release the old and make room for the new”

Sally’s Intention

It seemed that Sally’s interactions with others has been coloured by her wanting to somehow get others to like or love her, and not feeling worthy enough in the presence of certain individuals. Her 28-year-old self reminded her not to force love and she was reminded by the younger versions of her about the stories we tell ourselves that hold us back and how there is a lot of benefit from going to nature, to break those patterns. She was also reminded how important that connection to mother nature was to help her feel whole and that earth frequency alone is the only thing needed to assist with her interaction with others. 

She was inspired by how quickly new information can change one’s state. This was also reinforced by the examples of getting out of her head and into her body, rather than being stuck in the head feeling the fear of self-censoring judgement about not being good enough and having nothing worthwhile to share.

Sally was also given a metaphysical experience of bringing into reality, what she put her focus on, and shown that the way out of fear was to focus on loving herself and appreciating others. I believe that she got a sense of her own worth and access to where that might come from.

Sally’s Insights Summary

Written by

Joseph Callender

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